Thursday, April 14, 2011


The past few days have really gotten me anticipating summer...I even let the dog lounge on the threshold of the open back door (Shhh...don't tell my husband)...the warm breeze and the scent of freshly cut grass lifted my spirits, until I had a few buzzing little companions longing to join me, which then brought about the all too familiar "OMG!!-there's-a-bee dance!"   They did however give me inspiration for the day.  I had the cutest brass bee charms by Vintaj  left neglected by winter's fury that have been just been waiting for their day!

I've also been racking my brain trying to come up with unique color combinations for upcoming shows.  All too often I realize after the fact that I gravitate towards certain colors....which nine times out of ten is some variant of green.  A coral red puffy lentil with the palest periwinkle blue.  I love the monochromatic flowers & leaves.

Finished with periwinkle glass tube beads.

From here I got sidetracked playing with the settings on my camera.

Ok, enough of the overgrown, weed ridden backyard!  If paranoid schizophrenia is genetically possible in canines...our pooch could be the poster!

He hates the lawnmower...passionately!  It doesn't have to be in motion for him to launch into attack mode.  We've even  been known to pull it out just for the sole purpose of entertaining ourselves!

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