Friday, December 5, 2014

2nd Annual Bead Hoarders Blog Hop

Today's the day!  Beaders everywhere let go...just a little...even if they're keeping the creation for themselves.  Us beady freaks tend to hoard our favorites, maybe even pet them, or have full blown conversations with them (or is that just me?)  I have so many hoards collections, that it's embarrassing at this point!

But, as usual Lori Anderson of Pretty Things Blog arranged a solution...and really, what's better than a blog party?  Somehow I missed last year but....Bead Hoarders Blog Hop!! has arrived!!!

Click the image above for the list of over 100 hoarders...I mean participants!

I instantly knew which of my hoards (yes PLURAL...don't judge we all have our vices) I wanted to use.  Last Christmas I got lucky and was paired up with the lovely Donna Millard for a Christmas Swap.  I mean, come on...just look at her work, and even luckier that she sent BEADS!!!!

Olde World Holly Bead 

Mehndi Gypsy Scrimshaw Bird 

I have saved Donna's beads for a year!!!  I always knew I wanted to create something for myself to remind me of her, and to be honest she reminds me a lot of my mom too...double win!!  My silly self has never had a "great" idea.  Beautiful beads scare the daylights out of me!!  Rust?  Not a problem!!  Big honking gemstones?  Sign me up!!  Dinner plate?  Completely doable!  Amazing lampwork beads??  OMG...I have zero idea what to do with them!!!  Nothing like a challenge to kick your butt in to gear!!

Here's what I came up with.  Perfect winter-ish colors.  Donna's birds and accent lampwork beads, my own polymer clay bead cap, and rondelles, luxurious tassel, wooden bead chain, faceted red crackle Agate, wood slices and a few odds and ends.  See the little owl bead in lower right picture?  He's next on my list!

**PLEASE EXCUSE MY PICTURES!!  Honestly, I wasn't drunk when I took them! They were taken at 10 p.m. last night with my phone, but I PROMISE I will repost updated ones this morning!!
Thanks for stopping by and putting up with my pitiful attempts at photography!! ;)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

8th BSBP Reveal Day!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!

It's that time of year again... The 8th BSBP it's like Christmas for bead hoarders collectors!!!  Lori Anderson always amazes me, as the task at hand...Let's just say, I can't even imagine!! *mind blown*

This year I was partnered with Vonna Contino-Maslanka.  Lori couldn't have picked a more perfect partner!  Vonna is a complete doll, and we clicked instantly!  She also sent a remarkable soup...just take a look!!

I mean...come on...look at that!!  The lampwork focal, copper bail, and ceramic focal Vonna made herself, with the heart being extremely meaningful to her. Then there was Bronzite, Czech Glass, copper findings, artisan lampwork, white wooden rounds, Amethyst, Garnet, Topaz, Opal, Black stone,'s never ending!!!  She also threw in the the blingy hot pink because she knows I'm not a bling girl, and I don't do hot pink!! :)  LOVE HER!!!!

Anyway...on to the real reason you're here!!!!!

First up...and I'll go ahead and throw in a disclaimer that while I did a little editing below...if you're offended by certain curse words....scroll past this picture below...Don't say I didn't warn you!!!  

Here's your last chance....get to scrolling   ;)

Quartz points/coral from my soup.  The rest is completely my doing.  This was for my
oldest daughter's 21st birthday.  Pick your mouth up off the floor...LOL!  She wanted something to remind her what I was trying to beat in to her head while she was growing up...because she thinks now that she's 21, that she's grown!! LMAO!!  Granted, it's not everyone's cup of tea...and I'm okay with that.  Kuchi buttons, stamped solder link, stamped leather, patina'd copper spiral, witch's stone and an assortment of accent beads complete her bracelet.  It's not for everyday wear....but she has worn it out and while she does get some blanks stares, others tell her "to do just that!"  

From here on out, it's all clean...PROMISE!!!

Vonna's gifted red turquoise, clasp, and lampwork with my etched and colored copper bracelet focal.  Brass, wood, bone, and coral.  

Vonna sent me this cool hinge.  I was lost...but an etched key piece, and antique button later this bracelet was born.  Vonna's Czech glass and chain are also thrown in the mix!  I love it!!

My soup contained a tube of black square seed beads.  Most that have been around know that when it comes to seed beads, I spill more than I string.  I *thought* putting most of them on jump rings would be simple...and it was...but...OMG!!!  It took FOREVER, and my fingers hurt for days!!  It gave the bracelet awesome texture, and I love the Black stone paired with a lonely Golem bead I had neglected for too long.

This is a close 2nd to my favorite piece made with my soup.  I distressed some leather, stamped on it, punched holes in it, took out some much needed aggression, and off I went...where??  Yeah, err... I don't NOMAD seemed appropriate!  The white wooden beads Vonna sent?  Yeah...I torched 'em!  Literally!  The gifted Red Turquoise, and the copper bail that I made in to a clasp with a Kuchi button.  Random Christmas beads, Vonna's rondelles, more Afghan relics, and a little imagination finished it up.  (I wore it last weekend to a show and a few ladies weren't very happy that I wouldn't sell it straight off my neck)

Ahhh....My favorite!  This focal meant a lot to Vonna...tragedy, sad times, lives changed, grief, healing, and above all love is what I feel when looking at it...which I did a lot of while figuring out how to incorporate everything it stood for.  I wanted it to be special...for both of us, I suppose.  Two people that have never met, yet we are SO alike in more ways beyond the beading realm.  The fact that she sent something so personal to create with is a hard task to take on, yet an honor!  I purchased the angel wing from a destash (originally from Swoon Dimples?)  I also had just purchased the large pink coral slices, and while I'm not a pink kind of girl...I love coral in general!  Some vintage Afghan silver beads, lace wrapped PVC pipe, and a brass stamping "live and let live" ...simple yet poignant.  Two people, matched somewhat randomly...yet somehow we're now entertwined .  Definitely wearing this tomorrow (today!!)

Lastly, a piece that WAS complete, until I got a case of wandering fingers restless and decided that the chain part wasn't up to par.  Driftwood collected from Sanibel Island, some wire mesh, Vonna's gorgeous lampwork that I wrapped with plenty of copper coiling, the Black stone from my soup, Pyrite, and Czech glass.  I've set aside the remainder of my soup (Tourmaline, Topaz, Garnet, Opal, Bronziteetc) to finish this off, and I'll get an updated picture posted Monday (show this weekend/)

Now, that it's 11:33 p.m. I realize that I don't have a picture of the Amethyst piece I made, nor the piece I made using those wretched (LOL/JK) pink blingy faceted beads...DAMN!!!  I'm sorry!!

Thanks for stopping always, It was a blast!!  I won't be able to blog hop until Monday :( but PLEASE visit the link below to see all this year's participants!