Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's Moobie's Day!

So very hard to believe that my baby Grace is 10 today!  I still can't account where the time has gone.  She stole my heart then, and continues to do so every single day.  If it wasn't for her, chances are I'd be back in an office working, and still complaining about being miserable.  Would you like to hear the story?  There's always a story...

A little over a year ago (March, 2010 I believe), I was sitting on the bed (no studio at the time), making beads, and playing with the polymer clay that I'd had for years.  She came in, sat down beside me and asked me what I was doing.  I distinctly remember my exact words to her; "playing with beads and clay when I should be looking for a job!"  Sweet thing that she is, she gently took the piece I was working on (an epic fail, I might add) and said to me in the most confident voice "you don't need a job Momma, you have talent!"  That was all it took.  If a 9 yr old can have that much faith, why couldn't I?  It didn't matter to her the logistics of it all, or any of the hundreds of reasons why it wouldn't work out...she simply saw what could be.  She still teaches something new every day (in fact, all of my kids do.)  So, it was only appropriate that we coined the business after her nickname gone horribly wrong!

Anyway, today is her day!  No more single digits!!  Happy birthday Moobie Grace!!  Keep shinning "Baby Moo!"


  1. Happy Birthday Grace! I hope that all of your birthday wishes come true. I remember when Tania would bring you to the office when you were just a baby. Wow, how time sure does fly.

    Kim Crysel

  2. Aaww, nice post! Happy Birthday Grace! Glad you are able to stay at home. I was miserable when I worked because I always thought I was missing out with my kids...and indeed I was! Your Grace is a smart little girl!