Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No Words

Sometimes, there are no pictures are the best way to get your thoughts out there.  Today's one of those days!

One day, I hope that there won't be a reason to continue making these...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Where's My Medal?

As of 11:20 a.m. tomorrow, February 26th, I will be the mother of 3 teenagers...with the last one only 2 years behind.  That can't be right!?!  There is NO way I can be that old!!  Honestly, I just graduated high school, what?  Maybe 5 years ago?  Geez, where has the time gone?

I swear, he was just a little guy the last time I looked!

My wedding - 2004.  The first guy who ever stole my heart.  Honestly, he IS mine!

Ethan - My sweet boy 2008

My poor guy...he lives in a world of girls!! First day of school 2009.

May 2011

So, today's his day!  Happy birthday to my newest teenager!! 
(I won't embarrass him I'll end this post now!) 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

I'm feeling a little scatterbrained this you get a little bit of everything!

First, it's been a while since I shared what's been coming off of the bead here ya go!

A little kooky...but I love little antique what-nots, so I had to have these vintage medicine bottle cut outs!  Finished with brass, gold coral, yellow agate...and a cute little pill shaped wood bead...on sari silk.  I love "odd" jewelry!

I see house shaped beads everywhere these I decided to give it a go...Moobie style.  Added orange  glass faceted rounds, some Czech flowers, and lots of copper.

I can't wait for summer!  Sea glass ladder necklace with brass/copper chain/chain and 2 little Czech glass flowers...hurry up summer!

My sweet children brought a bunch of shells back when they went to the beach last summer.  They've been sitting around waiting for "their day"  Shells, yellow agate, pearl, Czech oval, new jade and a sea urchin spine...I can already smell the salt of the ocean!  All on brass and embellished with kelp-like sari silk.

Decided to go with a tribal flair.  I found the naked lady (can you see the difference between her front & and her back?) Czech beads at the closest decent bead shop...wish I would have purchased more than one strand!  Lots of copper, large orange swirled polymer bead, coin, mother of pearl spike and a touch of sari silk.

My only New Year's resolution was to branch out and buy more artisan beads...instead of ordering in bulk run of the mill type beads...boy is this a dangerous resolution!  Here's what I received in the mail today:

Awesome lampwork from Pomegranate Glass

And these beauties from Golem Studio  I was sad that another set I ordered sold out before my order was shipped...guess I have to be a little quicker on the draw!

And these are in route...

Both from fellow Virginian Silverfish Designs

Now, I know I'm not suppose to show you my Bead Soup creations yet...but I'll give you just a little teaser...'cause I like you...

This one reminds me so much of my mom!  She ALWAYS had a horseshoe hung above the most used door to bring good luck to all who entered...hence the horseshoe shapes.  Her lucky number was seven horseshoes, of course!  Oh, and the cute faceted labradorite rondelle?  That's the bead soup partner Jennifer Cameron sent that as part of my not much of a teaser (but I promise my finished soup looks NOTHING like the above), I know!  You'll have to come back March 3rd to see all THREE of my creations!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wishful Wednesday!

I have a serious case of studio envy...

This is what my space started off looking like...back before I'd ever really even BEGUN...I now have a 5"x5" clear space to work...and added 8 off those shoe storage containers...and 2 more multi-drawer units.

About a year ago...and I'm too embarrassed to post a current picture of the disaster area!

While I do have a designated area...the laundry room isn't exactly creatively inspiring...nor is it decorated all nice and pretty...well other than the piles of laundry!  I love that I share the space with The Mr., but when he's got the drill going, and metal shavings are flying's kind of nerve racking.  Of course the back door is in there too...which means you have my side of the "studio" (using that term loosely), Mr.'s side...and a very narrow (like inches) path in between for everyone coming in and going out.  Then there's the times when there is actually laundry being done...and it never fails...mid micro-sized-piece-of-clay-on-makeshift-needle-tool when....BZZZZZZ!!!...the dryer is done.  Scares me to death every single time...piece dropped...many colorful words spoken!   And there's no way to turn off the buzzer!

So, I'm window shopping for when 2 of my four move out and I might be able to discreetly occupy the I said...wishful Wednesday!!

Boy do I need one of these...must win lottery first!  My bead storage is currently plastic "shoe" boxes, labeled  for each color, then the beads are then organized into little Ziploc baggies, and all the boxes stacked on top of each other.  While I guess it will have to do, there are those lazy days when I use whatever box is on top...then dig like I'm looking for gold!

This is a must...immediately!  While I don't mind shooting photos outside, it stinks when it's overcast, rainy, snowy, or when the dog decides he wants to sniff out the new piece...or is feeling especially photogenic that day and refuses to move his hind end from the setup!

And even though this is a coat rack...I surely could use it to hang "in progress or not quite-happy-with-it" necklaces on...instead of hanging them off the cabinet knobs...errr...not like I'm doing that or anything!

And while I'm dreaming...I want a pretty vintage-y feel to the room!  This will work nicely!

Photograph from Pinterest

Obviously I fell and bumped my head I might as well add this to my new decorated, large, and noise proof studio space...and I have the perfect spot for it already picked out!

I have a thing for birch trees...since I planted one back when I was 5 or 6...the mural...minus the nursery...or I'll never get my own space!!

Ok...I've come back from La-La land...back to the laundry room I go! 

And yes, I know I should be thankful that I have somewhere other than the kitchen table to create...and I am...honestly!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tick Tock

Patience definitely isn't one of my virtues...

Finally, the countdown to Lori Anderson's 5th Bead Soup Blog Party reveal is only 11 days away!!   Errr...I better get busy and finish up!

Although I can't quite show you what I've cranked out in the past few weeks...I'll give you a little teaser

Gorgeous lampwork beads from Glass Addictions & my color palette I selected

Jen of Glass Addictions is my bead partner this go-round, and she sent some awesome soup to work with!  I've racked my brain trying to come up with unique designs.  I'm not in to delicate/demur jewelry (which is pretty hilarious considering that most of the beads I create are on the dainty side), I prefer wearing a single bold piece of jewelry, so Jen's lampwork beads are right up my alley!  Now, if I can just bring them justice!

So, slide back this way on March 3rd to see what my obscure little brain came up with, and who knows...I just might reconstruct a new outfit to wear with my creations!

Monday, February 20, 2012

White Blaze Fever

Seriously, I've become obsessed with reading biographies written by "thru-hikers" of the Appalachian Trail.  So the past two weeks I've added these to my virtual book shelf:

This was my introduction to biographical trail hiking.

This was by far my favorite...possibly because she hiked the trail ALONE!!  Awesome read!

Another great read.  These sisters walked much of the trail barefooted!!!

My current read...see...told you I've become a little obsessed!

Our family has spent quite a bit of time hiking day trails along the A.T. mainly within Shenandoah National Park/George Washington National Forest.  Spy Rock, Crabtree Falls, and also The Priest (when we are kid-less as it's a little much for them)...are a few of our favorite hang outs.

From our most recent hike to Spy Rock:

Why do 10 yr olds think running on top of mountain is a good idea?

Another trip to CrabTree Falls:

My favorite bridge not far from the trail.

There's nothing more spectacular than coming upon waterfalls along the trails...deep within the woods.

Rock hopping is always on the to-do list.

Three out of four of my kids thoroughly enjoy hiking, and you can't keep up with my youngest...she scales inclines and rocks like a spider monkey!  I suppose partially because it's one of the places that her learning disability doesn't hold her back.  Even when it comes to reading the signs, she can lead by simply by following the white blazes indicating the Appalachian Trail.

These white blazes are painted on trees every so often along the entire 2150+ miles of the trail...GA - MA

I'd love to thru hike, but I know without doubt, I'd never complete it!  ADD would make sure of that!  I would however like to hike the 540+ miles that run through Virginia (that's over a 1/4 of the entire trail.)  I wouldn't dare impose this whack-a-doodle trip on the kids, and I don't think The Mr.'s knees could take it has become another item on my bucket list.  Maybe a Mother/Daughter hike when she gets a little older??  That way she can contact emergency medics to retrieve me once she's finished the hike!  Most would laugh uncontrolablly at my "dream", you see I'm a far cry from an outdoorsy type of girl.  Honestly, the ONLY time I've ever "camped" was once in high the full view of a friends house!  Roughing it to me includes lodging at Super 8.

We can't wait til Spring.  St. Mary's Falls is the first on our list for this summer!

St. Mary's Falls in Virginia...more of a trail than a hike.

Also Humpback Rock near Charlottesville:

Dragon's Tooth Hike:

And Little Devils Stairs:

Hurry up SPRING!!!