Sunday, April 3, 2011

Angels in the Strangest Places

As I posted to Facebook this afternoon, "Sometimes I just look up, smile and say; I know that was you God...Thank you!"  Never was it truer than today.

We stopped by a little, hometown, craft/thrifty/antique boutique in the hopes of finding a few things we could use as displays "on the cheap."  It's hard to admit that, and I hope that one day (soon would be nice) I can afford shiny brand new professional displays...I'm just not there...yet!  That doesn't stop me from having a "wish list" with gorgeous displays, risers, vendor tent, etc, and I was looking at several Thursday night while trying to mentally run through our set up.

So, back to the antique store.  I love upcycling, and repurposing in general.  I love how it forces me to use my imagination and creativity, and having a handy husband is nice too! :)  I found a few odds & ends and gladly paid her asking price.  I'm not a haggler at all.  She kindly asked what I was doing with my finds and I told her about repurposing them as displays for jewelry.

Bless her heart, she remembered me from the Blackstone Arts & Crafts Festival last year and said she had recently looked for my business card but couldn't find it.  She then asked if I needed any necklace displays?  She opened a cabinet and took down 12+ necklace displays...almost identical to the ones I'd been eyeing just days before online.  Chris quietly asked how much she wanted for all of them?  I held my breath.

In the words of my Mother, I was "gobsmacked" when she said she wanted to give them to me!!  You just don't meet strangers like this often...or at least I don't.  While Chris was loading them in the truck I told her about Chris' new found hobby of upcycling vintage flatware into jewelry.  She gently tugged at my arm and led me through a few small rooms to show me a display of what she had to offer....again, she bagged them up, and told us to take them!

Those of you that know me, know that I'm not an emotional person, and that's an understatement, but Mrs. Tucker stole my heart when she said to me "someone helped me out when I was just starting off, and you deserve the same chance!"

I met an angel today that's for certain!  So, if you're ever down our way PLEASE stop by and visit Mrs. Tucker!

P.S. - She also gave me 3 huge unopened rolls of copper wire in various gauges...I wonder how she knew I needed to practice my wire wrapping skills? :)

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