Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Have The White Jacket Ready

Just a quick post to let everyone know I'm still here, drowning...but still here!   I've been working myself into a frenzy (think Tazmanian Devil on steroids) this week over the the upcoming art show.  I don't know why I do it to myself...ok, ok I'm fully aware why I do it!  Because, while I'm completely non OCD in every other aspect of life (don't listen to the rumors), when it comes to my work and how I present myself I drive myself a little batty (I can't imagine how I come across to everyone else)!  Redesigning, adding new work, organizing, photography, double/triple checking everything, obsessing over minute details that no one will ever notice...except me!  And, don't even get me started on pricing items...definitely not my strong point in this circus/jewelry business endeavor, so I put it off until the last minute!

Then...Wham!  It dawned on me this morning I don't have a single ring made (to fill my new ring displays)...nor do I have any ring blanks.  Which then brought about another maddening check of my entire stock.  Which turned into a dash to order those, and twenty other things I didn't know I needed...darn Etsy!  So, all in all a half of a day wasted!!!

I did have time however to snap a couple of pictures...

Teal blue with pale lime flowers

Jade & porcelain bead accents

This picture drives me insane because the swarovski crystals appear to be an orangey color instead of the identical shade of the red clay in all 80 pictures I took (told ya, I'm a tad anal!)...

Backtracking here.  The corsage I made for my daughter's prom last weekend.  I'd forgotten all about the pictures I had saved until now...

Just a close up of the center of the corsage.

And because I love y'all a sneak peek of something new I've been working on!  Faux wood...I love the combination of dainty flowers and rustic wood...well polymer clay manipulated to vaguely resemble wood like formations.

So, the coffee is hot (yes, @ 10:40 p.m.) and there's work to be done!  Lucky for me the kids are on spring break next week and I can work through the night if needed be....hmmm this seems like deja vu of last year.

Now, should I let my husband know that I've planned for him to build new displays and framework this weekend, or surprise him come Saturday morning?


  1. Love your dainty flower beads! That corsage you made for your daughter is beautiful! Also need to know what you are taking...Tazmanian devil on steriods...I am needing some of that!

  2. Thank you! As for what I'm taking...does lack of sleep and gallons of coffee count? :)