Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Grinch

6 days til Christmas Eve.

I love Christmas...the excitement and wonder.  I'm the obnoxious girl who usually has her tree up at least 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.  White tree, bright, glittery, even gaudy ornaments usually complete our look.

Christmas 2010 - mid decorating
Don't mind the slew of extension cords...the Mr. was in charge of rerouting cords and he was slacking...

I'm just not feeling Christmas this year.  I'm not sure what happened.  I just can't get into the Christmas spirit.  Usually, I'm completely done shopping and even wrapping by December 1st, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of that special morning.

 Ask me what I've purchased/made to date?  Stocking stuffers and a few gifts for the kids!  No "big" presents, no completed creations carefully wrapped under the tree, and I'm running out of time.  We (we, as in my husband) just got the tree down from storage yesterday.  Plugged it in and all but one tiny section won't light up.  It's as if even our tree is boycotting Christmas this year.  I drug myself out to buy simple white lights, and was quite upset when I could find there a shortage I don't know about?  We picked out blue...they are completely gloomy...even on the white tree!  I have to laugh...I'm anal about the Christmas tree, and this year it's just sad!!

There's been no Christmas cookie baking marathons, no planning of the gluttonous Christmas dinner...even the kids don't seem excited this year (which is beyond worrisome).  The Mr. and I concluded in our late night  pillow banter, that if the bank account allowed, we'd board a plane and go somewhere warm and beachy to wash away our foul moods.

Alas, there is a BIG glimmer of "adopted" child who moved to Texas in August, arrived back in town tonight...she quickly chased my lack of Christmas spirit away!!  There's nothing like having ALL your kids home for Christmas!!

How could that face NOT cheer you up?

So, tonight...however "late to the party" I am...I can finally look forward to the next week, and sleep soundly knowing "all is right in my world!"

Friday, December 16, 2011

Do As I Say...

...Not as I do.  My mom wore that phrase out while I was growing up.  Of course, I never took anything away from this wise tidbit of knowledge my Mom was trying so desperately to beat into my head!!  Hopefully y'all are quicker learners than myself!

-  Trying to drill through anything with a bead reamer, only results in a slew of colorful (although creative) curse words...oh, and a hole through your palm!  I can not tell you how many dozens of times I've done the above, with the exact same results...

-  10 days before Christmas isn't the best time to realize that you had better start your Christmas shopping.  Especially if you happen to have 4 children.  NOT looking forward to this weekend of marathon shopping!

-  It's Murphy's Law that if you are able to "have a lie in" (sleep in) you can guarantee that the dog will begin his schizophrenic barking episodes by 6 a.m., or as luck would have it, a work crew shows up to begin repairs on the neighbor's home...right outside your bedroom window.  If you're as lucky as I am...both simultaneously!

-  A family of 6 can not consume 6 gifted barrels of cheese balls in a 3 goes against the law of physics!

-  Etsy seems like a stellar idea until you have to photograph a single bracelet 739283 times before the photography gods take pity upon you and grant you a single acceptable picture.

-  A man can sleep on a couch with the TV & surround sound blaring, with referenced work crew noise, paranoid canine barking, four children threatening loving endearments of fast approaching bodily harm, smoke detector bleeping because you had to hold a quick session of Peoples' Court to prevent sibling homicide, and the doorbell chiming like Westminster Abbey, but be prepared to have to read lips if he happens to fall asleep in bed "because he can't sleep with the TV so loud" Volume level 4.

-  Trying to find cheap white Christmas tree lights is a task that should only be attempted by Sherlock Holmes, and blue lights are NOT attractive or festive!

There you have it my's list of what NOT to do...stay tuned, I'm sure there will be many more installments to come!

Friday, December 9, 2011


You know, I don't hop on my soap box often...and definitely not so all of Blog Land can read...but I'm making an exception this evening...

Nothing peeves me more than when someone tries to do something nice for others and it gets thrown right back in giver's face.  Someone who took time out from their own busy schedule, family, and even their own business for no other reason than to simply try and offer assistance and opportunity (of any kind) deserves a medal in my book...and when the above happens to a friend it boils my blood!

Geez...was anyone taught about being grateful?  How about thankfulness?  Does "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" ring a bell?  I'm pretty sure we all learned about these, say, Kindergarten?!  Not to mention it's the Christmas season...*sigh*

I wasn't going to mention any name...but then this post would be pointless...

Lori Anderson of Pretty Things held a wonderful Virtual Craft Show Nov 26th - Dec 3rd.  I jumped at the opportunity to join...and I'm glad I did!  For me, it wasn't about "raking in the cash" from Etsy sales.  It was more about getting my name out there, making new friends and networking (for lack of better words).  I didn't know exactly how Lori was going to set it all up, and it never crossed my mind to question her, or disapprove afterwards.  I make a few sales, and I'll be honest, I was surprised!  I'm still "wet behind the ears" when it comes to blogging and selling on Etsy, and I know success doesn't happen overnight.  Not to mention the lack of spending money in today's economy.

So, Lori here's your medal:

Psst...did you notice it's a pie medal?? :)

I'm sorry a few didn't see it that way...

I'm aware this isn't at all "business-like" and proper, and to be honest...I don't really care tonight!  I was born with the gift of being able to say what others are least I think it's a gift! LOL!  This is about a friend who did her best to help as many people out as she could at one time...and instead feeling good about it, probably got her feelings hurt in the end!  Nice going! < Completely sarcastic comment....

Some may get their feathers ruffled about this, and if you feel the need to un-follow me, I completely understand...

Now, let's all hold hands and sing Kumbaya! :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Eye Candy!

I'm too exhausted to post anything with substance...I've spent all day photographing, editing and listing on Etsy.  I can't complain, 74 degree temperatures at the end of November don't happen often here in Virginia, and I soaked up the sun outside most of the day!

So...that leaves me with what to post?  Ahhh....eye candy listed in my Etsy store recently of course!!

Vintage Silverware Bracelet -Hansel & Gretel Upcycled Rare German - Early 1900's

     Fused Plastic Necklace - Modern - Upcycled - Gray - Gunmetal

Polymer Clay - Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Brooch Pin - Floral

                Polymer Clay Necklace - Wisteria

            Polymer Clay Cylinder Necklace - Sunny Days Florals

        Polymer Clay Bib Necklace - Jet Black - Floral - Pink Parisian

                Bohemian Ladder Necklace

          Polymer Clay Necklace - Hand Forged Copper - Purple

                Polymer Clay Bracelet - Florals - Flannel Gray & Coral

I'll be working on more components this week...bead sets, clasps, toggles...hopefully will have them listed by the week's end!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lori Anderson's - First Annual Virtual Craft Show

From November 26 - December 3, Lori Anderson is hosting an online craft show featuring 70 artisans and craftspeople. Every day, Lori will be listing all the shops and sales going on which you can view by going to her site (click on the banner above)...and the best part??  THERE'S 70 GIVE-AWAYS TO BE HAD!!!!!!


Here's how you win: 

For each of the 7 days of the show, you get a point for each of the following (you don't have to do all four)....

 Commenting on Pretty Things Blog/First Annual Virtual Craft page
Facebooking Pretty Things Blog/First Annual Virtual Craft page
Twittering Pretty Things Blog/First Annual Virtual Craft page
Blogging about Pretty Things Blog/First Annual Virtual Craft page

Be sure to have either a blog with an email contact, or leave an email in your comment so I can notify you!  

Drawing will be held a couple of days after the show. 


Here's Moobie Grace Designs' give away:

Designer's Dream Eclectic Mix 


1.  Polymer clay oval toggle clasp in taupe, with a dainty lavender flowering vine and gorgeous antique white sari silk.  Clay toggle measures approximately 1.5" in diameter, not including copper bail.

2.  Polymer clay bead and hammered copper toggle set in rich, woodsy shades of brown.  Accented with topaz hued crystals and beads, and includes sari silk in coordinating color.  Beads measure nearly 2" in diameter, while hammered toggle measures 1" in diameter.

3.  Eclectic mix of lime green and shades of gray polymer focal bead with brass center accents and beads, with cool shade of gray sari silk length. Focal bead measures approximately 1.25" in diameter.

Value $35 


To celebrate I'm also offering 10% off my Etsy Shop (for all my blog reading friends) November 27th - December 3rd.  Use code VCSBLOG10  at checkout.

You can also check us out on Facebook to keep up with new listings, news, etc!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I started my blogging journey determined NOT to reveal too much about who I am, trying to keep myself separate from my business.  I quickly realized that my business, what I design and create, and my personality are completely entwined.  So, without further ado...

♥ I don't wear my heart on my sleeve, so stop looking for it! 

♥ Mess with my kids and it gets ugly...FAST! 

♥ I'm a yarn snob

♥ I miss my Mom. Every. Single. Day!! 

♥ I'm a little schizophrenic with my music choices. 

♥ I'm definitely not a crier, but that doesn't make me cold hearted. 

♥ I have high morals and often ponder why others don't. 

♥ I like being a little quirky, but I know where the fine line between quirky and just being weird is drawn. 

♥ I love fashion trends and spend way too much money on them! 

♥ I'm a tattoo addict.

♥ I'd give anyone the shirt off of my back if needed, but I won’t be taken advantage all! 

♥ I'm a complete book nerd. 

♥ I'll gladly fight for what I believe in, and I stand by my convictions, always!

♥ I love sitting back and watching karma take's even sweeter knowing it wasn't caused by your hand. 

♥ I'm the girl who will spend hundreds on a purse, yet buys off brand ketchup. 

♥ I like using my creative side, although sometimes it gets me in trouble.

♥ I think outside of the box, which is a quality that doesn’t seem to be appreciated much anymore. 

♥ My friends ARE my family!

♥ My own personal hell would consist of being forced to watch Star Trek and listening to bluegrass music!

♥ I'm brutally honest, and I call things as I see them...the truth hurts doesn’t it? 

♥ I'll do just about anything once. 

♥ I love art. The more obscure, the better!

♥ I tend to burn bridges earlier than most, but luckily my gut instinct has always been correct. 

♥ I usually do things ass backwards, but I don't need you to point it out, as I'm fully aware.

♥ I’m a girlie-girl but I hate the color pink, drama and acting like an airhead. 

♥ I have no regrets in life...but would like to rearrange a few things. 

♥ I'm a dare devil, bungee jumping anyone? (It was great!)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'll Go Sit In The Corner Now...

Wow!  I stink at blogging on a regular basis...SO not good for business!  I mean well, then 23904828 other things seems to pop up during the day and I never get around to publishing anything I've written.  

Not to mention I've just been in a funk lately.  I chalk it up to the impending cold weather just around the corner...and the fact that it's Nov. 15th and I haven't bought a single Christmas present!!  Opps!

I've had lots of studio time lately...not that anything's being accomplished :)  In fact, when I result to cleaning the house...creativity is at an all time low...I'm not in the least bit OCD!

I'll share a few recent creations...still playing with sari silk...

A few bag charms...

Of course some bohemian earrings...

And of course necklaces...

I have a few more things that I'll be listing soon in prep for Lori Anderson's First Annual Virtual Craft Show

Friday, October 28, 2011

Yes, Virginia...There Are Still Miracles

If you've been following my blogs in the past few days, then you know that little Robert Wood, Jr. a severely, non verbal autistic boy has been missing since last Sunday.  Thankfully up until today, the weather wasn't too cold.  70's -80's in the day, and mild nights...that was about to change tonight.

Cold front blew our way, and today's highs were mid 40's, tonight down past freezing...throw in heavy rains, sleet, and possible snow tomorrow, and all the searchers knew that after the weekend our rescue search was going to turn...for the worse.

I am completely OVER THE MOON tonight, that I can say ROBERT WOOD, JR was found today, around 2 p.m....ALIVE!!!  I swear, if I hadn't of been driving down the highway when I heard the breaking news, I would have hit my knees!!!  He was taken by Med-Flight to MCV medical center where he was reunited with his family.  Other than minor issues, he's going to be just fine!  M.D.s haven't stated how long they will keep the little boy, but I'll try to update as I hear the latest news.

Over 6000 citizen volunteers came out over the past 6 days to search through densely thorned woods.  I never heard a negative comment, and they covered 80+ square miles...grid style.  The view was astonishing to see hundreds standing shoulder to shoulder on the edge of roads, clad in fluorescent vests...just waiting on orders to enter the woods.

This little boy will never know how many prayers, volunteers, love and concern we all had for him...and that's   ok with me!

Today we all witnessed a miracle...Tonight...his mother's arms are NOT empty!!

You can read Robert's rescue HERE.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


That's the first word that comes to mind tonight.  Along with fortunate, heartsick, blessed, determined, and awed.  The search for Robert Wood, Jr. continues tonight...sadly, he hasn't been found yet...

The outpouring of volunteers (over 1200 not including professional searchers, law enforcement, dog handlers, FBI, etc)...whether they were searching, donating food, or attending the nightly vigils, are truly awe inspiring.  The love, and the need to help bring a child back home to their family, brought us all out to search.

The terrain was intense (and we're avid hikers) to say the least, we encountered swamps, snakes and so many thorns and thickets that I think I'll be picking them out of my skin for days...but none of that mattered.  You heard no complaints, no whining and absolutely no negativity!!

I took a few pictures, but I'm too exhausted and emotionally drained to post them I'll leave you with these....

I also learned that more women than men, were willing to tough it out, crawl on their bellies, spend hours raking through leaves, and would have stayed there all night if allowed...because we know the ache his mother feels.  

Finally, as I walked out the woods this afternoon in tears that we had failed....I realized I was with my daughter, and my younger children were safe at home.  She came home with me tonight....both of us, never will forget this matter where we are, or where we go...we have this day.

...This little boy needs a miracle...his mother's arms are empty tonight...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On A Serious Note...

I'm not one to lead a "serious" life.  I laugh as often as possible, and am generally lighthearted in nature....with that being, I am blogging as a mother of four children...NOT as a jewelry designer, artist, etc...

Last Sunday, approximately an hour away from me, a severely autistic, non verbal, little 8 year old boy went missing.  Tonight will be the fourth night he might be alone/hurt in the dense woods surrounding Lake Anna State Park.  You can read Robbie's story HERE.

Robert (Robbie) Wood - Richmond Times Dispatch Photo

Tomorrow, my oldest daughter and myself will join the thousands of volunteers, some coming from as far away as South Carolina, to search for this little boy.  Please, any positive thoughts, prayers or other spiritual words would be greatly appreciated...not only for little Robbie, but also his family, friends, law enforcement and volunteer searchers.  "We are going to continue this until we find him,"  said Hanover County, VA Sheriff Capt. Mike Trice today....

Most of us have children, and I can't begin to fathom the heartache....

Edited 10/26/11 6:08 p.m. - Tonight searchers are leaving glow sticks with food/blankets attached deep within the woods, in the hopes that although Robbie is cautious with people he doesn't know, that the glow sticks will catch his attention.  Not only giving him warmth and food, but also allowing searchers to know where he might be!  Just Awesome!!

Thank you...

Tania - Mother of four

Monday, October 24, 2011

Let's Talk Boho

I ordered quite a bit of sari silk last week, and I can't seem to put it down!  Sweet Baby Jesus!!!  I can't believe I've never really worked with this's AMAZING!  It brings much needed texture and whimsy to jewelry designs.  I've climbed aboard with the boho/gypsy style (a girl can only make sweet and dainty flowers for so long), and thought I'd share some of my favorites from Etsy.

I believe I feel an obsession coming on!! :)  

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lori Anderson's - The First Annual Virtual Craft Show

Please check our Lori's site for all the details...but HURRY...spaces are filling up soon!!  I'll be there, along with MANY others!  

It's An Eye Candy Kinda Day

I've spent the morning listing a few new bracelets to my Etsy store, and it's been a while since I shared recent works here on my

Hammered & patinaed vintage spoon bowl cuff bracelet

Upcycled silverware spoon handle bracelet featuring an artisan cupcake lampwork bead

Ok...this is sort of a joke in our family.  Every single show, someone asks if I make western themed here you I can say I do! :)

These hand stamped spoon bowl bracelets are quickly becoming my favorite.  We always sell
all that we bring to shows...down to the one I'm wearing for the day!

I'm not giving up on summer!  

Vintage beaded pearl this!

And of course I've done cancer awareness bracelets!

From my favorite poem by E.E. Cummings

"Paint the town red" stamped spoon bowl bracelet

And finally, a few of the new components I've started creating.

Whew...listing is almost as demanding as art shows!  All of the above (and more) can be found on our Etsy store HERE

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!  I'm off to enjoy the 80 degree temperatures we're having today!