Monday, May 20, 2013

Earring Swap...Epic Fail On My Behalf

I signed up recently for Jessica Murray's earring swap.  I was paired with the talented Sandra McGriff .   Sandra sent a gorgeous pair of earrings...and I well...completely screwed everything up!!  ARGHH!!  I wrote the reveal date down wrong (by a month)!!!!!!!!  I've NEVER done anything like that, but when I "goof" I go all out!


On the positive side, they are in the mail, and the pair I received from Sandra are gorgeous!!   The colors are what I use in my booth at shows, and I even have a butterfly on my signs/business cards...they are perfect!!!

See how well they go together...

I think I'll wear them to my next show!!  

I'm SO sorry Sandra...I hate flakey people, and this time I was the flake... :(

Here's the hop list for the rest of the participants: 

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Miranda Ackerley:
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