Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gone Crazy, Be Back Soon!

Good's been over two months since my last post!!  I don't really have an excuse, I'm just juggling creating jewelry, my Etsy store, art shows, and homeschooling a learning disabled child.  Throw the holidays in to the mix, and I always seem to be running short on time.
Photo credit:  DISfunkshion Magazine

Since my last "blow through town" I've been fortunate enough to have two of my creations published in Bead Trends Magazine - December 2012 & January 2013.  Please visit Northridge Publishing to see an array of gorgeous artisan creations!!

December 2012 Issue

Bead Trends - January 2013

Like I said, we've also been busy with holiday shows, and just wrapped up our last show of the 2012 season!!  Now comes the time for brainstorming, new techniques (NOT three days before a show, Tania!!!), and working on next year's displays.

As much as I love forging metal, assemblage, and just about every bead known to man, my first love will always be polymer clay.  I've backed off of using it lately, mainly because it's SO TIME CONSUMING (see first paragraph for reminder), but also because I have such wanderlust for other mediums.  I won't even begin to mention the negativity surrounding polymer clay itself.  But, starting next week, it's time to rekindle the romance! :)

Here's just a few examples of what I fell in love with almost 3 years ago...Geez, has it really been that long??

All photos property of:  Moobie Grace Designs

Lord willing, I won't be too out of practice, and I promise to keep in touch!