Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day - Upcycling At It's Finest!!

Egads!  I know I'm to be held partially responsible for the deteriorating ozone.  Then again the entire female 80's generation is just as responsible.  After all, it was the decade of the infamous "poof" requiring at least enough Aqua Net hairspray to stop a bullet.

Lucky for us fashion trends have shifted, and we're more conscience of our environment.  I'm even trying to incorporate reduce/reuse/recycle & upcycling into jewelry design.

Currently, I've succeeded in fused plastic & chiffon.  Simple, lightweight, and earth friendly...who could ask for more?

This necklace started out as a couple of good old Walmart bags

And because my dear, sweet husband is a toolaholic, we had scores of Lowe's bags...and I have to admit they are my favorite bags to upcycle!

Each pair of fused plastic earrings/necklace keeps approximately 3-4 bags out of our landfill!!

Finally, aqua chiffon flower accented with seed beads, with white quartz nuggets.  This flower "blossomed" after I rescued it from our local Goodwill.  In it's former life it was a sad 90's throwback blouse.