Monday, April 18, 2011

Insert Catchy Title So That She Has No Clue This is About Her!!

Do you remember the silly, completely inappropriate and often tasteless pranks and dire situations from which death was sure to come, throughout high school?  Now, can you remember who was your sidekick through all the ups and downs and teenage catastrophes?  Chances are even if you can, you have long since lost touch with your juvenille delinquent partner in crime.

Throughout my years of bad decisions, bad relationships, and tragedies I've learned that true friends don't come around often.  In fact, you're lucky if you ever find even one, nevermind be able to hold on to them.  Life happens, situations evolve, and people's as simple as that.  None of us can escape it, we grow, develop different interests, and meet new people, and those "friends" are cast aside like last season's high waisted, wide legged, neon green pants.  What?  They were completely in style at the time...I'm positive!

When I think of high school, middle school even, I think of only one person.  The one who I've eaten more ham sandwiches and Doritos and sour cream with than I care to admit.  The one who couch danced with me to AC/DC.  The one who I ghost hunted with, before Zak ever knew what Ghost Adventures were!  The one who used as much Aqua Net (Salon Selectives if we were feeling posh) as I did.  The one who I've literally bumped my head on the road with during an ice storm (it was a conspiracy) and still laugh about it 20 years later.  The one who I've probably slept with more than my husband.  The one who still remembers the outlandishly decorative notes (what else was I suppose to do in school for 6 ungodly hours?) I used to pass in the halls.  The one who could care less if my house is a diaster, as long as there is coffee brewed or wine to be uncorked.  The one with who I can go weeks/months/years without talking to, and pick right back up like it was yesterday.  The one who says she reads my blog every day (we'll see how long it takes her to read this).  The one I can call no matter the day, place or time, and know she'll be there.  The one who I know has teared up by now from reading this post.  Err...that's about all I can say without posting incriminating details of which neither of us probably wants disclosed to the general public or law enforcement to become privy to.

Right, where was I?  Yeah, her...well it's her birthday tomorrow, and I just wanted her to know that I cherish her and will always love her to death!  I'm so glad to see her happy, even if it means seeing less of's more than worth it!

So, for what it's worth....Happy...Ummm...22nd BirthdayLoni!!


  1. Oh you know me too well....I am in tears and it is 7:29am. I do check your blog daily. It is always a bright spot in my day and this by far is the best present ever. I love being 22! Love you girlie :)

  2. Oh, you made me tear up! I'm lucky enough to have two of those special friends. Distance now means we don't see each other as often, but I always know they're only a phone call away. :)