Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Grinch

6 days til Christmas Eve.

I love Christmas...the excitement and wonder.  I'm the obnoxious girl who usually has her tree up at least 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.  White tree, bright, glittery, even gaudy ornaments usually complete our look.

Christmas 2010 - mid decorating
Don't mind the slew of extension cords...the Mr. was in charge of rerouting cords and he was slacking...

I'm just not feeling Christmas this year.  I'm not sure what happened.  I just can't get into the Christmas spirit.  Usually, I'm completely done shopping and even wrapping by December 1st, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of that special morning.

 Ask me what I've purchased/made to date?  Stocking stuffers and a few gifts for the kids!  No "big" presents, no completed creations carefully wrapped under the tree, and I'm running out of time.  We (we, as in my husband) just got the tree down from storage yesterday.  Plugged it in and all but one tiny section won't light up.  It's as if even our tree is boycotting Christmas this year.  I drug myself out to buy simple white lights, and was quite upset when I could find there a shortage I don't know about?  We picked out blue...they are completely gloomy...even on the white tree!  I have to laugh...I'm anal about the Christmas tree, and this year it's just sad!!

There's been no Christmas cookie baking marathons, no planning of the gluttonous Christmas dinner...even the kids don't seem excited this year (which is beyond worrisome).  The Mr. and I concluded in our late night  pillow banter, that if the bank account allowed, we'd board a plane and go somewhere warm and beachy to wash away our foul moods.

Alas, there is a BIG glimmer of "adopted" child who moved to Texas in August, arrived back in town tonight...she quickly chased my lack of Christmas spirit away!!  There's nothing like having ALL your kids home for Christmas!!

How could that face NOT cheer you up?

So, tonight...however "late to the party" I am...I can finally look forward to the next week, and sleep soundly knowing "all is right in my world!"

Friday, December 16, 2011

Do As I Say...

...Not as I do.  My mom wore that phrase out while I was growing up.  Of course, I never took anything away from this wise tidbit of knowledge my Mom was trying so desperately to beat into my head!!  Hopefully y'all are quicker learners than myself!

-  Trying to drill through anything with a bead reamer, only results in a slew of colorful (although creative) curse words...oh, and a hole through your palm!  I can not tell you how many dozens of times I've done the above, with the exact same results...

-  10 days before Christmas isn't the best time to realize that you had better start your Christmas shopping.  Especially if you happen to have 4 children.  NOT looking forward to this weekend of marathon shopping!

-  It's Murphy's Law that if you are able to "have a lie in" (sleep in) you can guarantee that the dog will begin his schizophrenic barking episodes by 6 a.m., or as luck would have it, a work crew shows up to begin repairs on the neighbor's home...right outside your bedroom window.  If you're as lucky as I am...both simultaneously!

-  A family of 6 can not consume 6 gifted barrels of cheese balls in a 3 goes against the law of physics!

-  Etsy seems like a stellar idea until you have to photograph a single bracelet 739283 times before the photography gods take pity upon you and grant you a single acceptable picture.

-  A man can sleep on a couch with the TV & surround sound blaring, with referenced work crew noise, paranoid canine barking, four children threatening loving endearments of fast approaching bodily harm, smoke detector bleeping because you had to hold a quick session of Peoples' Court to prevent sibling homicide, and the doorbell chiming like Westminster Abbey, but be prepared to have to read lips if he happens to fall asleep in bed "because he can't sleep with the TV so loud" Volume level 4.

-  Trying to find cheap white Christmas tree lights is a task that should only be attempted by Sherlock Holmes, and blue lights are NOT attractive or festive!

There you have it my's list of what NOT to do...stay tuned, I'm sure there will be many more installments to come!

Friday, December 9, 2011


You know, I don't hop on my soap box often...and definitely not so all of Blog Land can read...but I'm making an exception this evening...

Nothing peeves me more than when someone tries to do something nice for others and it gets thrown right back in giver's face.  Someone who took time out from their own busy schedule, family, and even their own business for no other reason than to simply try and offer assistance and opportunity (of any kind) deserves a medal in my book...and when the above happens to a friend it boils my blood!

Geez...was anyone taught about being grateful?  How about thankfulness?  Does "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" ring a bell?  I'm pretty sure we all learned about these, say, Kindergarten?!  Not to mention it's the Christmas season...*sigh*

I wasn't going to mention any name...but then this post would be pointless...

Lori Anderson of Pretty Things held a wonderful Virtual Craft Show Nov 26th - Dec 3rd.  I jumped at the opportunity to join...and I'm glad I did!  For me, it wasn't about "raking in the cash" from Etsy sales.  It was more about getting my name out there, making new friends and networking (for lack of better words).  I didn't know exactly how Lori was going to set it all up, and it never crossed my mind to question her, or disapprove afterwards.  I make a few sales, and I'll be honest, I was surprised!  I'm still "wet behind the ears" when it comes to blogging and selling on Etsy, and I know success doesn't happen overnight.  Not to mention the lack of spending money in today's economy.

So, Lori here's your medal:

Psst...did you notice it's a pie medal?? :)

I'm sorry a few didn't see it that way...

I'm aware this isn't at all "business-like" and proper, and to be honest...I don't really care tonight!  I was born with the gift of being able to say what others are least I think it's a gift! LOL!  This is about a friend who did her best to help as many people out as she could at one time...and instead feeling good about it, probably got her feelings hurt in the end!  Nice going! < Completely sarcastic comment....

Some may get their feathers ruffled about this, and if you feel the need to un-follow me, I completely understand...

Now, let's all hold hands and sing Kumbaya! :)