Monday, April 25, 2011

Reason #864

I'm not a list maker.  Ever.  I'm more of a fly by the seat of your pants girl. I realized over the weekend that in order to get everything done in the next two weeks, I was going to have to have a militant approach, scheduling and list making included.  Chris and I sat down last night, he wrote while I continued to work.  We made a stringent schedule for me, and a do-able one for himself...being as he works full time.  I knew it was going to be tight, but I thought "well I can do anything for 2 weeks!"  I should have known better than to be so arrogant!  I'll never learn! 

So fast forward to 2:30 this morning.  I awoke to Chris hollaring like a banshee from his side of his bed.  Now, I'm not sure how he did it, but evidently sleeping can also cause him to throw his back out.  His daytime profession is plumbing, so lots of heavy lifting, squatting, and numerous other back breaking (no pun intended) duties.  He tried to go to work this morning, but just couldn't do it (an hour drive one way), so he's home and medicated.

I get busy following my schedule.  Feeling good about it...there goes the arrogance again.  Mid morning, I glanced at Chris' schedule, and realized that most of his list is now going to fall on me, no problem, I've got this!  I quickly read what he had listed, and my heart fell.  While I think I can handle most items, I'm not sure how I'm going build something to make our tables higher & level (spot at show is NOT level), while still needing to sew the ground length table coverings (3), creating 50+ awareness ribbons, finish building frames for signs, finish painting the displays, all while getting more inventory made.  Granted, his back might feel better, but I'd rather do the prep work than have it go out again!  My schedule just got a little more hectic, didn't it?  I know it will all work out, and even if it doesn't...what can I do to change it?  Lord knows I've realized in my 36 years that I don't deal the cards...all I can do is play them!

So, the next time I decide to be organized, someone please remind me of reason # 864!!


  1. You know, I've actually thrown my back out from sleeping -- two of my disks are virtually nonexistent, so if I curl up wrong, a nerve gets pinched and that's what I call "throwing my back out" -- I can hardly move and have at times been completely unable to life myself out of bed.

  2. Yes! Degenerative January he through it out making sandwich :) I still tease him about it!