Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grab Your Bucket!

Yay!!!  It's Bucket List (of beads) Day!!!...only because I was a slacker and didn't get any jewelry photography done to show off.  Between the storms, tornado warnings, gluing my fingers together and getting my light box buried underneath the skyscraper of displays and lumber, it all just seemed too daunting of a task for me today.

Here's a short list of my next splurges!!

1.  Large Labradorite beads.  Mesmerizing.

2.  Larimar.  From the Dominican Republic.  I lose myself in these every time I look at them!

3.   Polished blue Kyanite.  While I live close to a kyanite mine,  I've only worked with rough cut Kyanite.  I might be tempted to trade one of my children for a strand of these (kidding, people...untwist your knickers)! Willis Mountain - Kyanite Mining Corp  About 20 miles from my home.  Back in the day you used to able to hike the mountain, but now it's closed off.  Darn!!  I'd so climb it for a bag of these!

  4.  Artisan lampwork (boro is my favorite)...amazing, but I'm afraid I'd hoard it instead of using it!    These beauties are from Beingbeads

5.  Angelite.  Appropriately named.  Heavenly color!

Yes, I'm aware that all of my picks are on the blue spectrum...I guess I have the ocean on my mind!

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