Tuesday, June 19, 2012

She Flew The Nest

For the past two weeks I've had "life as I used to know it"...My adopted baby bird Mariah, flew home from Texas for 14 glorious days!!  There was absolutely no jewelry being made...just laughing, emptying of the cabinets/refrigerator, hanging out, extreme loudness, and getting the obligatory "Mariah's home let's go get tattoos!"

Today however, she's making her way back across the country.

Last night was full of tears for my oldest...in her words "saying goodbye to her never gets any easier!"  I understand completely.

Just a few pics of the silliness that occurred:

And my favorite....

In her words: "Sometimes it takes 1800+ miles of distance between us to realize how inseparable we are!"

I'm off to wallow in self pity....this sucks!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Dad.

Father's Day.  I don't post much about my Dad...maybe I should.  He certainly deserves a few lines every now and then, that's for sure!

He's good natured and great in general!  He's about as straight laced as they come, and well...I'm not!  He's right, I'm left...literally.  But, he's always allowed me to be me...and I know how hard that is when you have kids!

I'm extremely bull headed, and can be down right ornery...the proverbial black sheep, but he always takes it with a grain of salt!  He keeps his lectures to a minimum (most of the time), and always lets me fall on my ass, and I'm SO thankful for that!  He could have fixed little things so easily, but it was important to him that I figure it out by myself, and I know I'm a stronger person because of that.   I know at times, it's hard not to meddle, but he's always let me find my own way in life...even if I got lost more than a few times along the way!

So, Happy Father's Day...sure wish I could have been with him...hopefully for Christmas!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Art Bead Earring Swap Reveal Day!!!

I was SO excited to join Suburban Girl Studio's Art Bead Earring Swap this time around!  I missed the entry date last year!  I had 2 wonderful partners Jan Onipenco of Molten Mayhem - Etsy shop:  Lakeside Creations, and Lesley Watt of The Gossiping Goddess - Etsy shop:  THEAtoo.

I squealed when I opened each box!  Literally.

Jan's pair arrived first...

Are these not gorgeous?!?  I love the sea urchin spines, and Jan's lampwork beads are beyond yummy!  I can't wait to wear these this summer!!!

Lesley's arrived shortly afterwards!

These are SO me!!!  I love Lesley's bronze connectors and bead caps!   The green lampwork are by a UK artist Rob Johnson from Pebble Dreams and the tiny ochre lampwork are by Pinocean.  The colors are perfect...and I even ordered a new top to wear with them!  

Unfortunately, Lesley's earrings haven't quite made it to the other side of the pond...I'm so disappointed!!  Hopefully they'll arrive safely to her soon!!  In the meantime, I sent Lesley a few pictures I took before mailing them, so she at least has something...damn mailing system!!! :)

My polymer clay florals with shell rounds and clear glass rondelle clusters.  Copper headpins and sterling ear wires.


Diana Ptaszynski     http://www.suburbangirlstudio.com
Patti Vanderbloemen        http://myaddictionshandcrafted.blogspot.com/

Thank you Diana for organizing this!!!