Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Staying Inspired

While sitting at my work space this morning, I realized I just wasn't "feeling" anything I had to work with.  Ok, that's laughable with the insane amount of beads, metals, coins, clay, wire, stamps, molds, etc I have at my disposable...but sometimes looking and working with the same materials, day in and day out, the creativity seems to become stagnant, and every creation tends to look the same after awhile. Well, at least that's my excuse to search out and buy new beads!!!

After taking a very quick inventory, it dawned on me that while I create my own beads, and purchase lots of gemstone beads, and other components, I really have never ventured into working with other bead artisans' creations...darn do I live a sheltered life!

Mission in hand *insert Mission Impossible music sound bite here* I spent the day browsing at leisure.  Sweet baby Jesus!!!!  There's just TOO much talent out there for me to even make a dent in sampling everything !  I'm definitely going to have to pace myself.

So, here's what I picked up today:

From PajegoArtHouse:

All photos from Pajego Art House

My stash from Captured Moments:

All photographs from Captured Moments
Yes...I got a little greedy with the bracelet beads...I just couldn't decide!!

Then of course, I had to get coordinating supplies...enter the mass collection of Czech beads I purchased and then these...

Just some of my haul from  Dime Store Emporium

All photos from Dime Store Emporium

So...anything else I must check out???  I definitely don't want to leave anyone out! 

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  1. Great stash. I know exactly how you feel. I often look at everything and wonder what to do. X