Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Day

What an awesome day!  

- Metal clay came in the mail...just waiting on the rest of supplies to get here before I "give it a whack!"

-  I kept our grocery bill for the week under $125!!  Did the happy dance all the way out of Hell-Mart!!  Ever tried feeding 6 (4 of which are growing, always hungry kids) on less than $150 a week?

- My darling little boy (almost 13), who has resisted getting his hair cut for almost a year, hence needing pretty barrettes, jumped in the van after school and asked me to cut his hair...how much you wanna bet there is a girl involved?  Buzz cut achieved!!

-  My 5th grade science project of the ocean floor, has been sculpted...let's just hope it dries so we can paint it before Friday morning!!

-  Our oldest deemed "it's time I start paying my own cell phone bill!" (Must have been abducted by aliens last night)...and being the awesome mother that I am, after I came to, I helped her change the credit card info online.

- It's Tuesday and my favorite show "Ink Masters" is on...I'm a sucker for tattoos!!

-  And...what's better than being married to the sweetest man ever?  Being married to the sweetest man ever, who is a plumber and brought home GOBS of thick gauge (10 - 14) copper wire...all for me!!!!

All is right in my little world tonight!

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