Friday, February 3, 2012


I'm always in the mind set of evolving, with art.  At times, it gets the best of me.  Painting was a complete disaster...think along the lines of obscure stick people!  Drawing?  Well that's just as sad, believe me!  And forget about me sculpting anything...there are better results from preschoolers!  I've tried my hand at MANY other expressions of art, and it seems that I always come back to polymer clay.

Unfortunately, polymer clay gets a "bad rap" among the general population.  In my experience most (non artisans) equate it to "cheap plastic" that's molded, mass produced, or a child's art medium comparable to Play Doh.  During art/craft shows, I only have a few moments to explain the logistics of what polymer is and what it isn't....extremely hard to do to someone who has no experience with it...believe me!  Hence, the reason, that I always have just as many pieces for sale that DON'T contain any polymer clay in their creation.

The Mr. and I always like to play a discreet game of "What will they pick up first"...are they "clay people" or "non clay people".  Most of the time, I can spot them...they "get" it.  Don't judge us :) ...shows take so much prep, planning and overall stress that we need little diversions or we'd kill each other!  What you see in our booth is months of planning, mock set ups, building of displays, sewing table coverings, and spending MANY hours in our tiny studio together creating.

Our 2011 Booths:

Now, as much as I'd love to try my hand at lampwork, or even pottery, the start up costs intimidate the hell out of me!  Anyone that has teenage children (x4 here) knows that extra funds for such "hobbies" just don't exist.  I have racked my brain on how to mesh my love for polymer clay with another medium.

PMC, or precious metal clay seemed like the best option.  Not only is the consistency somewhat similar, but I have most of the needed/desired tools already on hand here in the studio.  My dear sweet husband bought a torch the other day (talk about a romantic Valentine's gift), so that I could get the feel of working with it without the expense of purchasing a kiln off the bat!  I've ordered a sampling of clay, and I can't wait to dig in when it arrives!!

Just a few excellent examples of PMC art:

Wax seal PMC pendant from New Hope Beading

Bronze Copper Silver PMC ring from Deb Munroe Studio

Silk Ribbon Wrap Bracelet from KLM Designs

And of course I have to include my BSBP partner's creation:

Love Glass Necklace by Jennifer Cameron available at Glass Addictions/Jen Cameron Designs

So, come back in a week or two...maybe I'll have a few pieces completed, and I'm sure many stories to share!


  1. Beautiful displays! I'm probably going to make my own version of that handy dandy necklace stand! (the blue one) Thanks for sharing.

  2. I understand where you are coming from. I remember when I was submitting pieces to the editor of Wire Style II, there was a necklace I made with polymer and I could tell by her reaction that she wasn't too fond of polymer, yet she accepted it and I was really thrilled for that particular artist because her work is amazing! I think sometimes polymer gets a bad rap because of the examples out there that are not very "polished" in skill just yet. I happen to love it. And I really like pmc too although I've only tried it once. I loved working with the copper clay focal in the blog hop that I just participated in. Btw, your displays for your booth are really great!!