Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mornings With Moobie Grace

Let me set the stage:  I was blissfully enjoying snooze-land this morning, when I was suddenly jolted awake by the back door 4:47 a.m.!!

Mr. :  (Walking back into our bedroom, already showered/dressed/raring to go)
           - "Why are you up??"

Me :  -  "Good question!  It might have a little something to do with the housequake you just

Mr. :  (Trying to look oh so innocent, as if even in a sleepy stupor I would believe this was the
          dog's doing)                                                            
          -  "You going to stay up?  You want me to start the coffee?  You could get a jump
               start on the day!"

Me :  (Becoming a little miffed at the sweetness/innocence/chirpiness Mr. is trying to convey)
          -  "@#$!*&%!@!  Are you kidding me?  What do people do vertically at this ungodly hour?"

Mr. :  -  "You can do whatever you want.  Enjoy the peace and quiet, be alone with your thoughts."

Me:  (Fluffing my pillow and finding a comfy spot)
         - "I WANT to go back to sleep, I was enjoying the peace and quiet before you caused a 6.7 on
         the Richter scale, and who has any thoughts at this time?!"

Mr. :  (Scratching his head)
           - "So, is that a yes or a no on the coffee?"


Mr. :  (Shuffles off to work)

...Yet here I am...still awake.  Not enjoying the peace and quiet in the least!

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  1. Well, you managed to write an entertaining blog this morning so all is not lost! Hope you have a terrific day!