Sunday, February 12, 2012

100 Grams of Coppr Clay....

...And all I have to show for it is a small wing charm, and a toggle clasp, well unless you count the first 10 "I'm-not-sure-what-I-did-wrong-and-they-all-ended-up-in-the-trash" attempts!  Is it cocky that I'm happy with that?  The Mr. believed I'd only wasted map gas and approximately $20 of clay...meanwhile, I'm over the moon with my accomplishment!

Maybe if said spouse hadn't of stood over my shoulder continually asking "are you sure you're doing this right?  Want me to do it?  This isn't going to work!  Here, give me the torch!"  I might have gave in and agreed with him, but see, I'm the kind of girl that when you say I can' can bet the farm I will...just as soon as I waste $20 worth of clay!!! LOL!

Granted, I'm well aware that working with metal clay long term will probably require a kiln, but watch out world...I'm a girl with a torch at the moment!

So finally, after I got a piece to sinter, and it didn't break in two, my smug little self handed it over to "my better half" and walked inside.  Where he was hot on my tail with "It doesn't even look like's dull!  Who wants to use that?"  I tried to explain it was oxidation but he thought I'd been beat...sometimes he doesn't know me at all!

I head to the kitchen to pickle my two treasures, and while he fixes himself lunch I hear a "that's more trouble than it's worth baby!"  I stick to my guns, and get to burnishing. 

It IS A LOT of work!!!  I'm thinking a tumbler would make things easier...

I gave my accomplishments a dip in liver of sulfur, and a quick polish.  Happy with the results, I went in search of dear sweet husband.  He was floored at how they turned out.  After all, I am just a wee thing, who couldn't possibly accomplish something so "manly"...that included fire...all by my lonesome!  Wanna know what he said?  "Hmmm...maybe WE should think about saving for a kiln, so you won't have to spend so long holding the torch!"  I LOVE HIM!!

I know my technique and process need TONS of work and refinement, but I'm a happy girl at just a teeny accomplishment...and now I need more clay!!

And I won't even show them to I'm thinking of using them in my Bead Soup creations!!


  1. What a great post! I love all the quotes you used to illustrate it, and looking forward to seeing what you make with your creations! Hope your husband has more faith in your abilities now :P

  2. Do you feel like you were maybe just a little mean with this post? ;-) I was so excited reading along... the climax building... I knew at the end there would be a photo... but no, not even a teeny tiny one!!

    All jokes aside: I'm sooo happy for you!!! I knew you would make something beautiful. And how could you not? Everything you make is beautiful! I'm even more excited about your reveal now!

    Good luck with the torching! :-)