Monday, February 20, 2012

White Blaze Fever

Seriously, I've become obsessed with reading biographies written by "thru-hikers" of the Appalachian Trail.  So the past two weeks I've added these to my virtual book shelf:

This was my introduction to biographical trail hiking.

This was by far my favorite...possibly because she hiked the trail ALONE!!  Awesome read!

Another great read.  These sisters walked much of the trail barefooted!!!

My current read...see...told you I've become a little obsessed!

Our family has spent quite a bit of time hiking day trails along the A.T. mainly within Shenandoah National Park/George Washington National Forest.  Spy Rock, Crabtree Falls, and also The Priest (when we are kid-less as it's a little much for them)...are a few of our favorite hang outs.

From our most recent hike to Spy Rock:

Why do 10 yr olds think running on top of mountain is a good idea?

Another trip to CrabTree Falls:

My favorite bridge not far from the trail.

There's nothing more spectacular than coming upon waterfalls along the trails...deep within the woods.

Rock hopping is always on the to-do list.

Three out of four of my kids thoroughly enjoy hiking, and you can't keep up with my youngest...she scales inclines and rocks like a spider monkey!  I suppose partially because it's one of the places that her learning disability doesn't hold her back.  Even when it comes to reading the signs, she can lead by simply by following the white blazes indicating the Appalachian Trail.

These white blazes are painted on trees every so often along the entire 2150+ miles of the trail...GA - MA

I'd love to thru hike, but I know without doubt, I'd never complete it!  ADD would make sure of that!  I would however like to hike the 540+ miles that run through Virginia (that's over a 1/4 of the entire trail.)  I wouldn't dare impose this whack-a-doodle trip on the kids, and I don't think The Mr.'s knees could take it has become another item on my bucket list.  Maybe a Mother/Daughter hike when she gets a little older??  That way she can contact emergency medics to retrieve me once she's finished the hike!  Most would laugh uncontrolablly at my "dream", you see I'm a far cry from an outdoorsy type of girl.  Honestly, the ONLY time I've ever "camped" was once in high the full view of a friends house!  Roughing it to me includes lodging at Super 8.

We can't wait til Spring.  St. Mary's Falls is the first on our list for this summer!

St. Mary's Falls in Virginia...more of a trail than a hike.

Also Humpback Rock near Charlottesville:

Dragon's Tooth Hike:

And Little Devils Stairs:

Hurry up SPRING!!!

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  1. I read " A walk in the woods" a few years ago. Really great book, you'll love it! My husband and I would love to walk on the Appalachian trail...someday.