Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wishful Wednesday!

I have a serious case of studio envy...

This is what my space started off looking like...back before I'd ever really even BEGUN...I now have a 5"x5" clear space to work...and added 8 off those shoe storage containers...and 2 more multi-drawer units.

About a year ago...and I'm too embarrassed to post a current picture of the disaster area!

While I do have a designated area...the laundry room isn't exactly creatively inspiring...nor is it decorated all nice and pretty...well other than the piles of laundry!  I love that I share the space with The Mr., but when he's got the drill going, and metal shavings are flying's kind of nerve racking.  Of course the back door is in there too...which means you have my side of the "studio" (using that term loosely), Mr.'s side...and a very narrow (like inches) path in between for everyone coming in and going out.  Then there's the times when there is actually laundry being done...and it never fails...mid micro-sized-piece-of-clay-on-makeshift-needle-tool when....BZZZZZZ!!!...the dryer is done.  Scares me to death every single time...piece dropped...many colorful words spoken!   And there's no way to turn off the buzzer!

So, I'm window shopping for when 2 of my four move out and I might be able to discreetly occupy the I said...wishful Wednesday!!

Boy do I need one of these...must win lottery first!  My bead storage is currently plastic "shoe" boxes, labeled  for each color, then the beads are then organized into little Ziploc baggies, and all the boxes stacked on top of each other.  While I guess it will have to do, there are those lazy days when I use whatever box is on top...then dig like I'm looking for gold!

This is a must...immediately!  While I don't mind shooting photos outside, it stinks when it's overcast, rainy, snowy, or when the dog decides he wants to sniff out the new piece...or is feeling especially photogenic that day and refuses to move his hind end from the setup!

And even though this is a coat rack...I surely could use it to hang "in progress or not quite-happy-with-it" necklaces on...instead of hanging them off the cabinet knobs...errr...not like I'm doing that or anything!

And while I'm dreaming...I want a pretty vintage-y feel to the room!  This will work nicely!

Photograph from Pinterest

Obviously I fell and bumped my head I might as well add this to my new decorated, large, and noise proof studio space...and I have the perfect spot for it already picked out!

I have a thing for birch trees...since I planted one back when I was 5 or 6...the mural...minus the nursery...or I'll never get my own space!!

Ok...I've come back from La-La land...back to the laundry room I go! 

And yes, I know I should be thankful that I have somewhere other than the kitchen table to create...and I am...honestly!

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  1. I know just how you feel, after years of trying to work in a 1.5 square metre area of the family room one of my chickens finally left the nest. She moved out in the morning and I was moved in by the afternoon. I'm in heaven, it's air conditioned, there's a huge wall of shelving and it's wonderful to have everything in the one room instead of scattered all over the house. I'm gloating I know....your day will come even though it doesn't feel like it now and the wait will be worth it.