Monday, February 13, 2012

Cupid Has Arrived!

My sweet husband knew from day one, that he better not bring these home for me:

I'm just not a flower girl!  I'm definitely not what one would consider a "tree hugger", but I hate cutting flowers!

Or jewelry...unless it's a cool artisan piece, of course!

I adore this thistle ring from Winged Lion

Or this from Bond's Jewels

I love little puppies...but we already have one four legged friend who has completely overtaken our this is out!

But darn is she adorable!!

Now, I am a chocolate girl...BIG these would be awesome...although my hips don't agree!

And since caffeine courses through my veins, this would be euphoria!

But I'll take mine in a hand thrown mug please!!

How awesome is this mug from Ceci Capen Clay Studio

We're getting pretty close to the perfect gift...

And my sweet, sweet dear husband...

Knows just how  to romance me...

He pulled out all of the stops this year...

I'm not sure how he'll ever top this...

Are you tired of me beating around the bush yet?

This is on it's way to me...

Lortone Double Barrel Tumbler

Be still my heart...



  1. I loved your Valentine Blog! Your hubby sure knows how to impress a lady!!! Enjoy your new toy. The cats look adorable too.

  2. That´s the best Valentines Post I have read - you made me smile a lot ☺.

    ♥ Manuela