Friday, February 17, 2012

That Four Letter Word...

...You know the one I'm talking about...that dirty obscene S word...S-N-O-W!!!  Living in rural southern Virginia has very few benefits, but not getting much snow happens to be one of the perks!!  This year, we've had a "spring like" winter, and believe me, I've thanked The Good Lord, every single day!

But, like everything...all good things must come to an end, and the wretched white stuff is headed our way Sunday.  And well, I don't have to tell you how folk in the south act with more than a dusting of powder...

I live just a little to the right of the #4 on the above map of VA

I know people go crazy over the magic that falls from the sky...NOT this girl!!  Although it looks innocent and gorgeous in these macro shots:

This cold natured, Raynaud's having girl is not looking forward to all!  

For some reason, that I've yet to figure out, most people envision this:

When this is the reality:

Of course the kids, the Mr. and even the dog are waiting with anticipation!!  Then again, I'm the one fixing (yes fixing...I live in the south) gallons of hot chocolate, drying wet clothes, scarves, mittens, mopping up the lakes throughout the house...all for 5 minutes worth of outdoor activities...rinse, and repeat...just as soon as the clothes are dry, and the empty mugs are scattered all over the house!!!

My youngest angel...making an angel.  This was taken directly off of our front porch...where I could stand in the doorway and use zoom.

Of course the first thing they do is roll in it...guaranteeing completely soaking wet clothing!

See even the Mr. is a crazed lunatic...please pay no attention to our pathetic snowman with leftover Halloween fang mouth!!  And NO...she's not smoking a cigarette...please don't call CPS...that's a leftover candy cane discovered in the candy dish when we dug the fangs out!

The dog thoroughly enjoyed his romp.  Guess who had to pick the snow off of him??

Why do I have such disdain for the white stuff?  "Well, see what happened was" (infamous phrase used in excess around here, from 5 who will remain nameless)...I grew up here:

Maybe you don't recognize the pic above...this is more of what you're used to seeing:

Right on the outskirts of Niagara Falls, Canada.  Where blizzards show up on Mother's Day...yes...that has happened!!  Where the snow drifts were so bad that we were literally snowed inside...until my Dad could somehow get outside and dig our door out of the 10 foot drift.  Where people didn't drive like lunatics at the mere sight of a flake, and grocery stores didn't run out of bread, eggs, milk, toilet paper, and other random necessities at the forecast.  

Where checking for frostbite was akin to your mother making sure you brushed your hair.  The place where school, businesses, and everything else didn't close up for 10 days until it melted!  We walked to school...and I can remember doing so with over a foot of snow on the ground...granted it was only a mile, but I was 8!!

My childhood home...snagged from Google Earth...which looks nice and green...of course the picture was taken during the summer!

And then this is when Momma ventures out...

...When it starts melting...

...And I can see the sun again!

So, my friends...I'm going to hibernate for the next couple of days...if you haven't heard from me by next week...send out the rescue teams please!!

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