Friday, October 28, 2011

Yes, Virginia...There Are Still Miracles

If you've been following my blogs in the past few days, then you know that little Robert Wood, Jr. a severely, non verbal autistic boy has been missing since last Sunday.  Thankfully up until today, the weather wasn't too cold.  70's -80's in the day, and mild nights...that was about to change tonight.

Cold front blew our way, and today's highs were mid 40's, tonight down past freezing...throw in heavy rains, sleet, and possible snow tomorrow, and all the searchers knew that after the weekend our rescue search was going to turn...for the worse.

I am completely OVER THE MOON tonight, that I can say ROBERT WOOD, JR was found today, around 2 p.m....ALIVE!!!  I swear, if I hadn't of been driving down the highway when I heard the breaking news, I would have hit my knees!!!  He was taken by Med-Flight to MCV medical center where he was reunited with his family.  Other than minor issues, he's going to be just fine!  M.D.s haven't stated how long they will keep the little boy, but I'll try to update as I hear the latest news.

Over 6000 citizen volunteers came out over the past 6 days to search through densely thorned woods.  I never heard a negative comment, and they covered 80+ square miles...grid style.  The view was astonishing to see hundreds standing shoulder to shoulder on the edge of roads, clad in fluorescent vests...just waiting on orders to enter the woods.

This little boy will never know how many prayers, volunteers, love and concern we all had for him...and that's   ok with me!

Today we all witnessed a miracle...Tonight...his mother's arms are NOT empty!!

You can read Robert's rescue HERE.


  1. That is awesome news!! God is GOOD!! I love miracles!

  2. Absolutely amazing! Miracles do still happen!

  3. So happy to hear he is safe. What wonderful news!

  4. Thank God! Such wonderful news!

  5. Oh THANK GOD I had heard about him - such a miracle - People can be truly amazing when we all get together! XOXO