Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Darn, Patty....

of My Life Under The Bus....has made me want to learn how to I need another obsession!

Just take a look at these:

And these....

One of my favorites....

I can't stop myself.....

You can find your favorite on Etsy (click the pic)

Although, Patty's shop is closed for a "hot  minute" she'll be back soon....just prepping for a show, and believe me it takes lots of WORK!!! can enter to win her give-away HERE and you can find her on Facebook HERE


  1. I know, I know!! Ultra talented woman, and I'm very thrilled she's sharing!!!
    So many cool things in the jewelry world, and so little time....

  2. Those are amazing!! I have been wanting to Etch for so long! Just can't find the products I need in Canada!!

  3. I couldn't find any of the supplies locally (well within a 60 mile radius) so I guess I'll have to order online if I decide to give it a go! :)