Sunday, October 2, 2011

It Was Just One of Those Days...

Pinterest know, the kind where you should've just stayed in bed?  Yep, that about sums up yesterday's show.  Don't get me wrong, we did well, and I love venturing to new shows, and meeting new people, but everything went wrong...and I mean the point that it would have been hilarious any other day...

I wake up early...3 a.m. early, but I was ready to go...feeling good about EVERYTHING...that's what I get  for being so cocky! :)  We had a great spot...on the corner, in front of an awesome historic home renovated into The Lake House Restaurant.  So, you're wondering what went wrong?

Well, as quaint as the town of Clarksville, VA is...I failed to take into account possible gale force winds...ok maybe not gale force, but damn close!!

Now, Virginia isn't usually chilly in October...but of course yesterday was freezing and windy!  Because we had to set up in the parallel parking spaces, we had nothing to stake our tent or sides to.  I really wasn't worried, as we have it weighted down pretty well...or so I thought!  Three of us finally got the sides up without getting blown in to the land of Oz, and began setting up.  By this time, I can't feel my hands, and because I'm vain and wanted to look's not like I brought gloves, wrist warmers, or anything remotely warm!  Dear, sweet, husband walked over to grab me a cup of coffee that I could soak my hand in drink to warm up a little before the crowds flocked.

Disaster #1 for the day?  Our sign easel was blown down the pieces, I might add!

I think it can be repaired.  Actual easel is history, but I think even though the frame is in pieces, it broke at the corners, and came off of the backing.  The actual banner has a few scuffs, but it will survive.  I will not mention how badly a brad through the finger felt later in the day when I picked it up to load back in the van.

Granted, it really doesn't have much weight to it, but it's never been a problem at outdoor show before.  Oh well, I wasn't going to let one hiccup ruin my day before it started!

Day was going beautifully, and had quite a few interesting conversations with customers (my husband says I always attract the "colorful" people wherever I go) but I was constantly on guard, as they left the street open (first I've ever seen where that's done) and I was afraid I was going to get sideswiped a couple of times.

Wind was a problem all day.  Just little things, such as knocked over display busts, etc...nothing major.

2 p.m.:  Enter gale force winds!  Seriously, It was everything all 3 of us could do to hold on to the tent so that it wouldn't blow into the street and hit cars driving down the road.  I know my tent is cheap crap, but due to four children who think they need to eat three times a day...and every day at that :)'s not in the budget right now, so I'll forge on with what I have!

2:30 p.m.:  The good Lord gave me a sign that it was time to pack up before we killed some poor unsuspecting soul with our para sailing tent, when this also took a loss on to the sidewalk...

Our "new" (2nd time out) earring display.  We upcycled a cracked and needing love oval window frame from a Habit For Humanity resale store, and we worked our butts off to put this together.  The easel my husband made and then the oval is screwed to the easel.  I guess it weighs at least 50 +'s MASSIVE!

Anyway...down it went, earrings to the sidewalk, and we hurried over to access the wasn't pretty!  I'm not a crier, but I was tempted when I saw that a lot of the more detailed pairs were broken....beyond repair, and I literally had to turn and walk away when I saw that the only artisan lampwork I've ever owned were broken.  I was able to salvage 2 of the best (still chipped) matching beads that I can wear myself.

Here are the victims in their splendid glory:

Both from Modern Trails on Etsy

Again, the damage to the display can be repaired, so it's not a total loss.  But, needless to say, we totally broke down and came home after the sign from above...chapped lips, frozen fingers, windburned skin and all! :)

In the long run, I'll look back on this particular show and fact, I can almost chuckle about it now...I'm sad that some of my work was lost, but A LOT of it found new, well-loved homes before the catastrophe!

** oldest is out for the evening and I snagged her laptop so I could post photos to make me feel a little better!


  1. Oh sweetie, I hope you've unthawed by now, and I'm so sorry you lost the lampworks. Glad you have a good attitude on it, and give your hubby big kudos on the oval window/easel. That is really, really cool.

  2. Thanks will all work itself usual!