Tuesday, October 11, 2011

St. Mary's Falls...Here We Come!!!

Hopefully, providing I can get my tennis shoes on by the weekend, we're going to take a much needed day trip to St. Mary's Falls trail/hike near the Blue Ridge Parkway with the kids.  We're regulars up that way.  We've regularly hike to  Crabtree Falls, and Spy Rock (you can read my recent blog about our Spy Rock hike HERE).  We'd like to hike to The Priest, but I'm not sure my younger ones could make the hike...so we'll save that for a little later.

St. Mary's Falls...it's more of a trail than a hike...which is a good thing as I limp along with a broken toe!  I can't wait to pack a picnic lunch, and spend the days with the kids...without gameboys, PS3, DVD's, iPods, cell phones and the like to interfere!  

Hopefully, we'll see some of  this:

And this:

So, while I gripe and complain about living "in the middle of nowhere" quite often, I love that within 2 hours I can have the mountains or the beach for our viewing pleasure and memory making!!

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