Monday, October 3, 2011

Having a Ball

...of yarn that is!  I have such an addictive personality.  I think I love yarn just as much as I revel in beads, wire and clay!  I have bins, upon bins of colorful balls of yarn....and just as many bins of finished/mostly unfinished projects.  I'm not the expert crocheter, and you can forget seems I don't have enough coordination to knit more than a huge knot of yarn!  But, what better way to spend an autumn morning than perusing for more scrumptious "must have" balls of fun?

Woodlands super chunky from Funkyarns

Recycled sari silk yarn from Amber Threads

Thick & thin merino wool from Autumn Rose  I love the colors in this one!

Recycled T shirt yarn from Mike's T Shirt Yarn

And finally, my favorite yarn to work with...bamboo!!!

Bump on a Log bamboo yarn from Quovadishandspun

Hand spun carbon bamboo yarn from Larkspur Funny Farm looks like it's going to be a crocheting kind of day today...anything to avoid delving into the show jewelry to what can and can't be repaired/reworked!


  1. Oh, I spent a lovely few hours yesterday looking at yarn at Michaels. It's been several years since I crocheted, and I recently checked a book out of the library entitled "Prayer Shawls". It is a fascinating book, and I was very excited to try one of the patterns. Then I went yarn shopping. Wow! I was shocked at the prices. Just for one lacey looking shawl, it would have been $25.00 in yarn. Not counting the size Q hook that I don't own. And not counting my time...and, and, and....this project went on the back burner for now. :(

  2. I know's just like everything else...the price has gone up! I buy alot from then go to their internet yarn sale. Not the massive selection like craft stores, and you have to order a order of at least $50.00...but I don't think they have anything over 3.99!!!