Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Table For Six, Please...

I have to share my husband's new found hobby.  Upcycled vintage (late 1800's - early 1900's) silver plated flatware...some polished to a high shine, while others tell a story with a well loved patina.

Sometimes not only do we share studio space, we also share ideas...
Silver plated hollow knife handle upcycled to a whimsical brooch.  Polymer clay flowers, crystals, feathers and tulle complete the bouquet.

Silver spoons given a second chance as a bracelet.  Clay flowered center.

Vintage upcycled silver plated spoon bookmark.  Mark your place in style!  Polymer clay center.

They'll hear you coming in this vintage silver plated hollow handle knife bell.  It really does chime with a single fork tine.  Accented with a black crystal.

Silver plated flatware spoon bracelet. Accented with wish charm and white quartz stones.

Beautiful early 1900's upcycled silver plated spoons given new life as a bracelet.  Accented with AB stone  silver plated bead caps.

Vintage 1960's reclaimed spoon ring, accented with shades of blue.

This is for all the wine lovers.  Antique silver plated spoon handles accented with an "old world" style winery plaque.  Completed with silver wineglass charm.

Sterling silver upcycled teaspoon brought back to life in this wrapped ring.

Lots more to come soon!

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