Friday, March 11, 2011

He's My Cover Snatcher

God bless my husband.  He deserves sainthood, plain and simple.  He lives in a "world of girls."  Between myself, 3 daughters & their slew of friends, there's no shortage of estrogen here!  Yet, he takes all the giggling, silliness, screeches (at spiders of course) and every practical joke imagined like a true trooper.  I've got to find him a tin foil medal somewhere....

He never says a word about the paint stained sinks, lumps of clay laying randomly about the house, chores left undone, and everything else that doesn't get cleaned,shined or polished because of our lack of a housekeeper!

He does however, snore loud enough to wake the dead, kick me in his sleep, steals my pillow, and snatches the covers. 

I overlook all of the above simply because he believes in me.  He's my biggest fan, who comes home every evening and heads straight into the studio to kiss me and see what my insanity created that day.  He hangs on my every description, explanation and vent.  Now I'm not saying he "really" processes and relates to everything I say...afterall he is still a male...just that he's gotten very good at nodding his head and acting like he does...

Did I mention he grew up with all girls?  Smart man.

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