Friday, March 11, 2011

Get Involved!

I'm ashamed to say I haven't contributed as much as I should to charitable organizations and events.  However, last year gave me an opportunity to experience my first Relay For Life.  I was completely spent yet exhilarated by the end of the day.  Never before have I had the chance to witness the massive impact a group of people can create and to participate is such an emotional and rewarding day.  Here are just a few highlights.

Our 2010 team

My sweet husband learning to knit caps on a round loom.
Just a few of the hundreds of luminaries that lit the night.
Our reason.

This year, clad with my new clay obsession, I've been searching my mind for months how I can give more of myself.  Again, we'll stay for the entire 12 hour event, and with 4 children in tow, that's not always an easy feat.  I want for them to experience the good that still remains in this world, to grow up giving back more than they take from this world, and to be a part of something bigger than all of us...hope.

After a few (ok, a lot) disasters, I came up with some cancer awareness pins that I'm extremely proud to display.  100% of proceeds will be donated to the Relay For Life organization that day...I could nor will I ever profit from someone else's misfortune or tragedy.  We all have a story, and I can't wait to hear just a few of them this May!

This is just an example of what's coming out of the studio until May.  Rest assured all awareness colors will be represented.

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