Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blood Shed

Meandering through the craft aisles this nifty little craft knife just screamed "buy need me...I will change your life."

It's the Fiskars Fingertip Control Craft Knife.  I use my Exacto knife on almost every piece, and lately I've been making carved beads and it's hard enough to hold straight from the oven clay (makes for easier carving)and carve precisely at the same time without drawing blood.  I really thought I'd found the solution...wrong!  This little gadget is the devil!

Honestly, I understand that the majority of the world is right handed.  I even fully understand that most products are not lefty-friendly, but blood should not have to be shed  (literally) in order to change a blade so that I can use it.  After fidgeting with it for 20 minutes the blade finally locked into place correctly, although I'm sure the blood flow from impaling myself slowed down my progress.

Then it hit me...the person who designed this must of severed his own finger therefore making it impossible for him (yes, you know it had to be a man) to manipulate a standard craft knife...although it does make a handy little weapon.

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