Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just Mom...

Where else can I go to work in my pajamas, while wearing 5 inch stilettos, if the mood strikes?   Where can I celebrate victory with a glass of wine at 11 a.m. while basking in the new found spring warmth on my deck, or where daydreaming is a mandatory part of the job description?  Where calling in sick doesn't require a phone call at all!  Where I don't have 100+ emails waiting for me by 7 a.m...coincidentally all deemed "urgent."   Where I don't have to be politically correct with office policies.  Where I can accompany my children on a field trip, or take a spur of the moment nature walk.  Don't get me wrong, some days I crave adult/business conversation, and the need to "manage" something, but then I quickly realize what that really entails.

Long 10+ hour days, working a thankless job, for a thankless corporation, where I was simply another hamster on it's wheel...going nowhere, and completing thoughtless mechanics. 

No thank you!!  It's taken 14 months, but I've finally found myself, which is quite worrisome considering I never knew I was ever lost.  Life has taken on a new meaning.  There are no longer only shades of gray but every color on the spectrum.  Every day is a gift to express a new feeling, a new expression, or simply a new thought.  I get to be me...no title, no obligations...just Mom, and that is more of a benefit package than I ever had in the past!  They can keep their 401K's, flex spending and employee stock purchase plans...just hand over the clay!

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