Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Who could ask for a better trend? Steampunk style is screaming up the tracks right now. It's fun, quirky and has loads of historical flavor and personality. In years to come we'll look back over our shoulder and think of this defining time in our lives as Steampunk. Well, what's it about?  Science fiction, gears, a bridge between two worlds, if you will.

Here are a few of my recent works:

Brass key embellished with watch gears, polymer clay flowers and wings that haphazardly wrap around the key.

Polymer clay keyhole & antiqued wings.  Brass rivets & key complete the pendant.

Polymer clay keyholes burnished with brass rivots accent these earwires.

Brass butterfly ring base is the backdrop for yellow and teal polymer flower accents.  Brass watch gears embellishments.

Brass ring base with polymer clay flowers and watch gears...then antiqued.

Brass filigree ovals with a brilliant white polymer background and tropical punch flowers.  Gears and crystals accents.

Polymer clay tussie mussie with polymer clay seashell, flowers, and reeds.  Feathers and burlap complete the whimsy.

Polymer clay masquerade...with patina brass mask, brass rivets & feathers.

Sweet polymer clay ladybug pendant.  Gears and "stitching"

Queen Bee polymer pendant with "stitching", gears and raw brass crown of course!

Sun dial clay pendant.  Brass watch gears/parts.

Clay, brass, gear pendant with stitching and a little "shaking" going on!

If you could see inside my heart clay pendant.  Gears, ladybug charm & stitching.

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