Friday, December 9, 2011


You know, I don't hop on my soap box often...and definitely not so all of Blog Land can read...but I'm making an exception this evening...

Nothing peeves me more than when someone tries to do something nice for others and it gets thrown right back in giver's face.  Someone who took time out from their own busy schedule, family, and even their own business for no other reason than to simply try and offer assistance and opportunity (of any kind) deserves a medal in my book...and when the above happens to a friend it boils my blood!

Geez...was anyone taught about being grateful?  How about thankfulness?  Does "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" ring a bell?  I'm pretty sure we all learned about these, say, Kindergarten?!  Not to mention it's the Christmas season...*sigh*

I wasn't going to mention any name...but then this post would be pointless...

Lori Anderson of Pretty Things held a wonderful Virtual Craft Show Nov 26th - Dec 3rd.  I jumped at the opportunity to join...and I'm glad I did!  For me, it wasn't about "raking in the cash" from Etsy sales.  It was more about getting my name out there, making new friends and networking (for lack of better words).  I didn't know exactly how Lori was going to set it all up, and it never crossed my mind to question her, or disapprove afterwards.  I make a few sales, and I'll be honest, I was surprised!  I'm still "wet behind the ears" when it comes to blogging and selling on Etsy, and I know success doesn't happen overnight.  Not to mention the lack of spending money in today's economy.

So, Lori here's your medal:

Psst...did you notice it's a pie medal?? :)

I'm sorry a few didn't see it that way...

I'm aware this isn't at all "business-like" and proper, and to be honest...I don't really care tonight!  I was born with the gift of being able to say what others are least I think it's a gift! LOL!  This is about a friend who did her best to help as many people out as she could at one time...and instead feeling good about it, probably got her feelings hurt in the end!  Nice going! < Completely sarcastic comment....

Some may get their feathers ruffled about this, and if you feel the need to un-follow me, I completely understand...

Now, let's all hold hands and sing Kumbaya! :)


  1. Here's one person that won't un-follow you for saying these things! And boy did they need to be said!! I was in utter shock (and still am) at what happened. I was like you and didn't know quite what to expect with how it would work or how well I would do sale-wise. I was pleasantly surprised! And I knew with Lori running it, I was in good hands. But even more than the sales, it was the opportunity for exposure and meeting new people and doing something I love: giving things away. :-) If I could, I'd give things away ALL day long. To bring a smile to someone's face is just about the best thing one can do. And that's what Lori did for me. She's one very awesome lady!

    Sorry for the long comment!! I just wanted to say thanks for taking a stand. You made one fab medal for her too!

  2. I've been following Lori's blog for a long time and have taken part in the bead soup parties which I have really enjoyed. I love Lori, she rocks!
    I don't understand what the criticism is about for the virtual craft fair? What went so terribly wrong for people? I don't get it at all?
    Everything Lori does is to help people raise their profiles and meet new friends.
    Completely confused at the negativity!?

    Deb x