Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Grinch

6 days til Christmas Eve.

I love Christmas...the excitement and wonder.  I'm the obnoxious girl who usually has her tree up at least 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.  White tree, bright, glittery, even gaudy ornaments usually complete our look.

Christmas 2010 - mid decorating
Don't mind the slew of extension cords...the Mr. was in charge of rerouting cords and he was slacking...

I'm just not feeling Christmas this year.  I'm not sure what happened.  I just can't get into the Christmas spirit.  Usually, I'm completely done shopping and even wrapping by December 1st, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of that special morning.

 Ask me what I've purchased/made to date?  Stocking stuffers and a few gifts for the kids!  No "big" presents, no completed creations carefully wrapped under the tree, and I'm running out of time.  We (we, as in my husband) just got the tree down from storage yesterday.  Plugged it in and all but one tiny section won't light up.  It's as if even our tree is boycotting Christmas this year.  I drug myself out to buy simple white lights, and was quite upset when I could find there a shortage I don't know about?  We picked out blue...they are completely gloomy...even on the white tree!  I have to laugh...I'm anal about the Christmas tree, and this year it's just sad!!

There's been no Christmas cookie baking marathons, no planning of the gluttonous Christmas dinner...even the kids don't seem excited this year (which is beyond worrisome).  The Mr. and I concluded in our late night  pillow banter, that if the bank account allowed, we'd board a plane and go somewhere warm and beachy to wash away our foul moods.

Alas, there is a BIG glimmer of "adopted" child who moved to Texas in August, arrived back in town tonight...she quickly chased my lack of Christmas spirit away!!  There's nothing like having ALL your kids home for Christmas!!

How could that face NOT cheer you up?

So, tonight...however "late to the party" I am...I can finally look forward to the next week, and sleep soundly knowing "all is right in my world!"


  1. Amen sister no one felt it this year - I was in the same boat as you - pulled it out my whatsis at the last minute but seriously the 26th was awesome because it was all over! Yippee on to the new year! XOXO