Thursday, November 24, 2011


I started my blogging journey determined NOT to reveal too much about who I am, trying to keep myself separate from my business.  I quickly realized that my business, what I design and create, and my personality are completely entwined.  So, without further ado...

♥ I don't wear my heart on my sleeve, so stop looking for it! 

♥ Mess with my kids and it gets ugly...FAST! 

♥ I'm a yarn snob

♥ I miss my Mom. Every. Single. Day!! 

♥ I'm a little schizophrenic with my music choices. 

♥ I'm definitely not a crier, but that doesn't make me cold hearted. 

♥ I have high morals and often ponder why others don't. 

♥ I like being a little quirky, but I know where the fine line between quirky and just being weird is drawn. 

♥ I love fashion trends and spend way too much money on them! 

♥ I'm a tattoo addict.

♥ I'd give anyone the shirt off of my back if needed, but I won’t be taken advantage all! 

♥ I'm a complete book nerd. 

♥ I'll gladly fight for what I believe in, and I stand by my convictions, always!

♥ I love sitting back and watching karma take's even sweeter knowing it wasn't caused by your hand. 

♥ I'm the girl who will spend hundreds on a purse, yet buys off brand ketchup. 

♥ I like using my creative side, although sometimes it gets me in trouble.

♥ I think outside of the box, which is a quality that doesn’t seem to be appreciated much anymore. 

♥ My friends ARE my family!

♥ My own personal hell would consist of being forced to watch Star Trek and listening to bluegrass music!

♥ I'm brutally honest, and I call things as I see them...the truth hurts doesn’t it? 

♥ I'll do just about anything once. 

♥ I love art. The more obscure, the better!

♥ I tend to burn bridges earlier than most, but luckily my gut instinct has always been correct. 

♥ I usually do things ass backwards, but I don't need you to point it out, as I'm fully aware.

♥ I’m a girlie-girl but I hate the color pink, drama and acting like an airhead. 

♥ I have no regrets in life...but would like to rearrange a few things. 

♥ I'm a dare devil, bungee jumping anyone? (It was great!)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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