Sunday, November 27, 2011

Eye Candy!

I'm too exhausted to post anything with substance...I've spent all day photographing, editing and listing on Etsy.  I can't complain, 74 degree temperatures at the end of November don't happen often here in Virginia, and I soaked up the sun outside most of the day!

So...that leaves me with what to post?  Ahhh....eye candy listed in my Etsy store recently of course!!

Vintage Silverware Bracelet -Hansel & Gretel Upcycled Rare German - Early 1900's

     Fused Plastic Necklace - Modern - Upcycled - Gray - Gunmetal

Polymer Clay - Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Brooch Pin - Floral

                Polymer Clay Necklace - Wisteria

            Polymer Clay Cylinder Necklace - Sunny Days Florals

        Polymer Clay Bib Necklace - Jet Black - Floral - Pink Parisian

                Bohemian Ladder Necklace

          Polymer Clay Necklace - Hand Forged Copper - Purple

                Polymer Clay Bracelet - Florals - Flannel Gray & Coral

I'll be working on more components this week...bead sets, clasps, toggles...hopefully will have them listed by the week's end!!


  1. You do some terrific details in your beautiful beads- the Polymer colors are lovely too.
    Thanks for participating in the blog hop.

  2. Oh all so pretty!! My favorites are your pieces with polymer clay. You have such a distinctive style that is all your own & it is so beautiful.