Monday, April 23, 2012

Stress? What Stress?

I despise that first show of the season, and mine is less than two weeks away!!  ARGH!!  I'm beginning to stress, to say the least.  I *think* I have enough inventory made, but  I still need to sew (first I have to measure, cut, and dye the fabric) three table coverings, fix the large displays and signs that got tossed by gale force winds at the last show, tag/price/label everything, and I ordered large banners that I need to grommet.  Oh, and still waiting on the Mr. to construct some risers...that will need to be painted!

And, I REALLY hope folks like copper!  I usually try to have 1/2 mixture of copper & bronze, and 1/2 silver...not this year!  I've been bitten by the copper bug, and it's quickly replacing brass/bronze!  We still have lots of silver plated flatware pieces, so I'm crossing my fingers that will suffice!  It's a big risk, that there's no going back on now!

I've also slacked off on the amount of clay pieces I've made.  While there are still LOTS, I've also went with some kitschy, vintage, modern and if I wasn't a little "here there and everywhere" before, it's definitely noticeable now.  Enter new displays to feature said already created vintage/assemblage pieces, while also fitting into our booth's teal & orange color palette!

This weekend we browsed our local antique/consignment shop, and I happened upon one of these:

The bigger one...
Photo credit:  Dew Drop Daisies

Inside (minus the ties)
Photo credit:

Mine is complete with vintage travel stickers!!!  For $8!!!!!  It smells funky, and I need to add some hooks (already re-glued some of the satin that was coming loose), but it will be transformed in to an assemblage necklace display some time this week...because I didn't have enough to do!

I might be MIA for the next week or so...I'm still around...just slave driving myself!


  1. I too have my first craft show of the season in less than two weeks (May 5th)! I made the mistake of over scheduling myself which only leaves me two days to get ready for it! Sigh, I totally feel your pain/anxiety!

  2. hey, tania.. i found a vintage trunk at an antique/junking shop when i started making jewelry.. it had a smell to it. have never got the smell out, but it's an old smell and most of my shows are outside.. have had it for about 4 years.. the smell is about to go away.. i made a collage in the top of the lid and put my favorite pieces in the trunk for display. there are pictures of it on my blog. i wish i could see your beautiful work on display.. sounds like you have a really neat setup. good luck with your first show of the season!

  3. Love the post! And can empatize, have a huge one this weekend, second of the season, which means I had to reorganize after pulling down the first time around. Can I borrow your stress kit when you are finished with it????