Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kick Off Of Craft Show Season!! (So Much For Having An "In House" Photographer!)

I'm so exhausted I can barely string a coherent sentence together!  Festival was packed despite the all day drizzle!  I was happy that my oldest just received her "I bought it myself" SLR camera, and she was more than willing to snap pictures of the show...although I should have been more specific with my instructions.  I came home, and as she was walking out of the door to go to work, she handed me the SD card.

Here's what I found...

Our dog makes his debut...I'm not even sure when she took was still dark when we left this morning!

Mandatory shot of the notepad, calculator, phone and pen

Obviously, no craft show is complete without a few shots of her Toms...

Vendor assignment tags and sister's foot are required!

Vintage travel sticker on my vintage suitcase...kinda meant for her to photograph the ENTIRE suitcase...

She tends to become a little distracted!

Silly self portraits must pass the time...and EVERYONE must take an upside down shot!

At least this is cute...

"The Mike Tyson"  Yep, that's what the design was titled face painting.

By this point, I've completely forgotten what we actually did today....

Oh...that's right art & craft show...I finally found a few shots!

Finally a shot of the modified suitcase display...whoever G.E.H was I sincerely thank you for the awesome case...complete with travel stickers!

Now it's off to crash for the night!  More on the show tomorrow!


  1. I LOVE the modified vintage suitcase display! Really original idea, and all things vintage are what I love!

  2. Wow looks fantastic!!! I lovelovelove your oval frame and the suitcase *LOVE*....did I say love? lol XOXO

    1. We are scavengers around here Patty! The oval window frame was one that my husband picked up at a job site because the contractors couldn't use it because it had a hairline crack...caulk & paint fixed that! The suitcase I just picked up the other week for $8!!!! Darn thing has been around the world judging by the travel stickers...

  3. I agree the oval frame is awesome. I really like the posters of your work's detail. That really caught my eye.