Sunday, April 8, 2012


Anyone else afflicted with the disease?  I know I'm not alone in my group of "beady" friends!

I have a stash of my favorite beads (in their own compartment container of course) and most days I fondle all of them, but can't bring myself to use ANY of them!  It's not that they were all expensive...I'm just hoarding them in hopes of having an ah-ha moment, you know the type of design that will change the world, end world hunger and save the whales, and I just can't use them all willy nilly on everyday creations...that would be ludicrous, right?

Let's take a look in that fantabulous box, shall we?

I purchased these beauties from Oh My Milky

These are some of my favorites from BIMS Bangles

An embarrassing amount of these ceramic bracelet beads from Captured Moments

As well as an obscene collection of bird toggles from Pajego Art House

Awesome Antique medicine bottle cut outs from Pork Chop Show

And those are just the most recent Etsy purchases...don't get me started on the fair trade, vintage baubles, sea glass, etc from my favorite bead store Bangles & Beads in Carytown, VA.

Now, don't be us what's in your hoard...err...I mean bead boxes!

Photo Credit:  World of Stock

Don't forget to check back next Saturday, April 14th for the Flap Your Wings Blog Hop reveal in honor and memory of Judy Glende!!


  1. I feel the same way about way too many of my beads lol Every project I have tons of ideas... but when I pull down box after box to chose the beads, I think how perfect they would be for it...but can't bring myself to use them lol I finally started to make myself...I now have a new rule ; I'm not allowed to buy new ones until I use a couple of the last purchase ;) I still keep my pretties, but I have to snip that string and use one or two lol

  2. I can certainly relate! Except...after I make a purchase (I actually purchase in multiples, as in multiple strands...) I leave them on my table...sometimes for weeks....just to stare at them. They eventually make it to their compartmentalized storage. I could open a bead store. It's a sickness!

  3. Guess I can join the club. Not only do I have my "stash" of hoarders, that occasionaly come out, but then go right back in, but when ever I make a batch of beads with my polymer clay for a project, there are always some left, so have another batch of bins for the beads "I just can't part with!" Of course, this second collection did come in handy a while ago. I pulled out a whole bunch of OOAK and 2OAK (??) and put them together in a necklace I called treasure trove. It sold in 3 days.

  4. I just participated in the 4 oz bead swap on FB well that involved going though my beads (treasures) and putting some on a pile (actually 2 piles I had two partners) to give away. Well when I got to the post office one box was 11 oz the other was 10, so I did manage to give away something.... but there were a number of beads that sat on the pile for an hour or two and then were removed... I know that I will never make anything out of some of my beads, because that would mean they should be for SALE... but they're MINE!

    The 4 oz exchange was good though I found beads that I'd lost, beads I had no recollection of owning and a few beads I was happy to see the back end of!

    My Flap your wings piece was photgraphed this morning.. will add the pictures to my blog and I'm done!

  5. I was horrified when I looked at the date and realized I only have a week to finish my piece! :) I do have a few hoardy pieces, but I was very proud that I have just used some of my Julsbeads in a piece for the Beading Babes project for this month.

  6. Hmmmm..well haven't brought myself to call it my hoard, but sounds as though I do qualify! I broke down and bought a large workbench set of drawers (normally used to organize screws and nails). It has 36 drawers, and that is only one of the storage units I have. Ok now I'm feeling very exposed!

    I have my project started for Flap Your Wings - 4 bracelets of the 5 I've been working on. I've managed to use existing beads & buttons for all these projects. The buttons came from a friend who donates to breast cancer (in honor of her mom). I lost my mom to PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy) 1 year ago. And so in honor of our moms and our friends, I am creating and donating the collection.