Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So, I Thought I'd Get A Reprieve...And She Thinks She's Grown!

Finally, after 4 proms with my 2 oldest girls, and just as many homecoming dances, I thought I'd get a short respite this year, as my next daughter isn't old enough to attend prom, and she's pretty low key when it comes to homecomings.  **Thank you Dear God for giving me a tomboy in between my girlie-girls!**  To be honest I was looking forward to a stress free, no teenage drama meltdowns, and no need to pull my magic wand out of the closet this year.

Enter my niece...and a sweet request last weekend "Aunt Tania can you make me a corsage for prom?"  Course I would, when is it?  "Next Saturday!"

But who could have said no to that face?

Please keep in mind this dear, sweet child lives a state away...not around the block.  I literally ran to the closet and started digging like I was looking for Narnia...I found a pair of my favorite sandals, one crutch (not sure where that came from...no one here has ever needed them), and a kitchen sink.  No, really.  My husband is a plumber and we have a new one...because our "under the stairs" closet is the most logical place to store it! *Can't do anything other than shake my head.*  Hmmm...where did I put that damn wand???

Sight unseen (dress wise that is) this is the final result:

And her dress:

But, rest assured, it was shipped off yesterday afternoon, and should (cross everything that the post office doesn't screw this up) be ready for Cinderella's debut on Saturday!

And...while I'm at it, last year's pic of my two girlies:

Lauren & Mariah - Senior Prom - 2011.  My daughter is in white, and my "adopted" (but don't you try to tell me she's not mine...those are fighting words) daughter in the pink.

These two...Geez you can't take them ANYWHERE!!!

We recycled my wedding dress for her to wear....

And last year's creation...

Maybe, I'll get next year off??

To top the day off my oldest is the big one-nine today!  She thinks that she's grown...  I explained to her this evening that by the time I was her age, I had a 1 month old and a house...she wasn't impressed! LOL!

Self portrait of Lauren

Told you she thinks she's grown...as she asks "what's for dinner, ma?" :)

Although she sometimes acts like she's 10!

And yes, that's a "real" tattoo...she gets it honestly...

But, in my eyes she'll always be perpetually 6!!

Happy Birthday Lauren!!

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  1. Your daughters (and your niece) are beautiful. I love the corsages and the dresses and I've never seen a tattoo that I wanted bad enough to have forever, but Lauren's comes really close! Happy Birthday Lauren!!