Monday, May 9, 2011

Window Shopping

I love to spend hours of my life perusing Etsy, sometimes with a specific genre in mind, other times I just wander.  It's window shopping at my fingertips!  And when you live in a town where the only shopping experience is Dollar get my point!   Here's where my wandering lead me today (while I should of been in the studio):

Love, love, love this leather cuff!! 

I'm all about some ballet flats, and these look SO comfortable...and vegan to boot!

Painters fascinate me...which could probably have a lot to do with the fact, that painting (even walls) is definitely not my niche!)  I want this hanging in my house!!!!

From:  MamaPainter

Lampwork beads.  Enough said!

From:  ModernTrails

This would look great in my teal, orange & gray schemed bedroom, that I've yet to get accomplished!

And I'd have to have an orange one to go with the teal, right?  This fits the bill.  I love to mix dainty, frilly, girlie things with more organic/rustic items...

From:  LivyCreation

That concludes today's window shopping excursion....

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