Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Little Mixing It Up Is Good For The Soul

I finally have gotten around to snapping a few pictures of my new work...kinda grungy, but I like them in gypsy-ish, woodsy kind of way!  Not my usual sort of work, but I like branching out, and attempting new ideas.  Granted, there are still kinks to be worked out...and they are time'll see where this path takes me!

"Brass" polymer clay bee hollow medallion with brass chain and findings and mysterious aqua faceted stone (I have no clue what it is...I *think* it might be candy jade) and aqua shell spear dangle & robin's egg blue ceramic round charm.

Close up of the bee.  Many, many layers of started out as a grayish brown clay.

Honeycomb "brass" polymer clay lentil

Carved (completely by accident, as I was trying to shave of the roughness and my knife slipped & decided to go "whole hog" on it) clay toggle clasp.

Fleur De Lis pendant.  this one is still in the works...just not happy with the finished look of the necklace.  Hollow polymer clay "brass" lentil with teal cut glass and peach marble accents.'s missing something...I just can't put my finger on it it's hanging out (literally) in my view while I mull it over.

Stamped polymer toggle.  Aged & distressed.

Silver hollow polymer ginkgo pendant.  Pearl & Swarovski charms.

Carved & distressed toggle clasp.

So, while it's a far cry from a PMC finished'll occupy my creativity...for now!  And because I have an addictive personality, I just ordered 10+ patina colors!!

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