Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm On My Way

I know, I know...I've been missing in action for the past week.  I had just worked myself in to a frenzy over my show today, that I thought it was best for all of us that I take a little blogging break.  Well, that and I don't think I could have strung a coherent sentence together if I wanted to with only a couple hours of sleep a night, and restless hours at that.  Like everyone else in "the biz", I tend to have "I can't go to the show without these, or the earth will fall off it's axis, and how has anyone lived without these?" design epiphanies the week leading up to the big day! Usually for me, it doesn't work out, and I end up with a two pound ball of scrap clay...I'll save that story for another day. a kid on Christmas morning, I bounced out of the bed this morning at 5 a.m.  Thankfully my careful (or at least in my mind) planning left only loading tables on the agenda this morning!!  As usual I was a nervous wreck...I'm talking like a sinner (keeping it clean, my friends) heading to confession, wreck.  Set up just rattles my nerves.  What if  I forgot something?  What if something blew off of the truck, and I was too exhausted to notice?  What if I'm abducted by aliens?  All irrational.  All typical me!

It was a beautiful day.  Tons of activities for the pip-squeaks.  There was an impressive eclectic mix of live music all day.   And people out in droves...they just weren't buying...anything! 

It really gave me a complex at first.  We have redesigned all of the signage, displays/layout, I have for the most part stuck to one "genre" of intricate clay work, and we added my husband's upcycled jewelry to the melting pot...something for look at! :)

We both received enough compliments, accolades and jaw drops to have us both reaching for a slice of humble pie.  So, regardless of profits, I felt great about what I created, and of the overall aesthetics of our booth.  One sweet lady told my husband "that I looked familiar", and asked if I was the art director at Longwood University (where the show was held)?"  I wish, right? 

Today also made me think long and hard about where I am artistically, what I want to portray, the potential cliential I'd like to reach, and where I need to show, geographically, to pull my plan together.... I have a long journey, that much I know...and let's leave it at that for the day....

Hopefully, I'll have pictures edited and blogged tomorrow...but this day has been a long one...eye opening and physically and mentally exhasting! 

Sweet Dreams!

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