Monday, May 16, 2011

What?? No Swarovski on Tuesday???

I love the look of PMC (precious metal clay) and it's versatility, and have wanted to branch out from strictly working with polymer clay for quite some time.  I've spent my spare time (HA!) in the last week researching, and, well...right now it's just not a feasible option for me...financially, that is.  It could be a viable option if I could find an appropriate second hand kiln...but then I face the dilemma of where I'm going to put the darn thing!  I've read that you can also fire PMC with a torch, but again...with 4 kids in the house, it's a house fire waiting to happen!

But, I wanted to share with you the possibilities...endless...

See why I'm so enamored??  Do a quick search on Etsy for PMC and you'll find many talented artisans...the above are just scratching the surface of amazing talent and creativity.  So, after rechecking my bank account, pants' pockets in the laundry basket, and even under the couch cushions to no avail, I set about creating a "poor man's" version! 

I worked endlessly today on this little project of mine.  While, by no means does it look even remotely close to the exemplary models above...I think I like it.  It's polymer clay, meets PMC, meets metal work.  A 180 degree about face from my usual dainty, sparkly pieces that I've become too accustomed to making.  But, while talking to my dear friend Kim, she brought up a great point..."that some would never wear Swarovski on a Tuesday!"  Pure blastemy we both agreed...but she may be on to something. 

My demos need a little tweaking before I share, but I may just have something I'm happy with....stay tuned and hopefully I'll have picture worthy pieces by the week's end!

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