Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Burned My Soup....So More Glass Addictions

My BSBH partner definitely got her business name right..."addiction" about sums it up!  I sat down to make her  soup yesterday, and I'm not sure what happened...during the curing process, 2 of the beads cracked and turned strange colors.  I have no clue what went the trash they went!  So, today, I'm back in the studio...which is a PERFECT way to spend a rainy Saturday!!!

In the meantime, I happened to look through Jennifer "sold" items on Etsy and fell in love with quite a surprise there!

Oh my!!!  Seashell beads!!  Love the way they look like little pools of water.

I love all the colors in this!

Here's another favorite of mine...reminds me of  a Van Gogh painting.

And these speak for themselves!

I can't help but see an emerging butterfly deep within this bead...

How awesome is this?

Ok...this is my new it!

Anyway...I'll get Jennifer's soup out to her on Monday...a day later than planned...

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  1. gorgeous.... : O ...wipes drool off of face....