Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Obsession!

We do A LOT of hiking the on the Appalachian Trail during the summer.  Usually I just borrow some outgrown shoes from my 13 year old, and bitch afterwards about how much my feet hurt!  This year we're planning on doing a few days to a week of section hiking, so I treated myself to some unconventional footwear.   Granted, I won't be able to hike over extremely rough sections of rocks,(no worries here in VA) etc. but so far I'm in love with these!

My new collection

Yeah, I'm one of "those people" :)  


  1. I doubt I could wear those...I can't even wear toesie socks..I find things wedged between my toes uncomfortable >.< with that said, I will say that the are definitely better looking than Crocs.. although.. maybe it's just the lack of eye-searing colors ;) lol I'll be watching for your report on your first hike wearing them :)

  2. ha! I have been wondering about those. We hike the Adirondacks every summer, and sometime boots are just too .... well heavy. You'll have to let me know how you like them!