Sunday, May 6, 2012

Heart of Virginia Festival 2012

This was our 2nd year participating in the Heart of Virginia Festival in Farmville, VA (yes, there really is such a place).  While it is a down home type atmosphere, I love it!  You'll find such an eclectic mix of artisans, crafters, and shoppers.  Being from the surrounding area, it's a great venue for us!  It still humbles and amazes me that people are willing to spend their hard earned money on my creations.  The accolades, gushing, and praise will always embarrass the hell out of me though.

Our booth this year:

If you look really close you'll see Moobie Grace herself!  She was such a trooper!  She was up at 4:45 a.m. (and yes, I did write that down).  Her and I had my van unloaded by ourselves before my oldest or husband even showed up!  Now, maybe she moved so efficiently because of the anticipated "end of the day reward!"  Yes, I bribed her with a treat in exchange for manual know you've done it too! :)  I did catch a few looks when I kept calling her "Moobie", and I had to explain more than once...

New photography banners we used instead of the tent side panels.  Worked like a charm!  Love that we still had a little privacy, yet keep the tent from being too dark and HOT!  Also my new suitcase (that still reeks of "oldness" after a week of sitting out in the sun airing out and a can of odor out) one complained thankfully.  I wish I would have thought to take a few close ups of the assemblage necklaces I had...they seemed to sell pretty quickly!  I was really surprised as this isn't exactly a shabby/boho/vintage crowd.  I did however get one...

Not the best photograph (I'm guilty of fiddling with Pic Monkey)  Vintage silver plated spoon bowl, hand stamped and stitched on to a shabby, wide fabric cuff, with crocheted trim and vintage buttons/fabrics.  I LOVE making these, and will list the 3 I have left in my Etsy store some time this week!

Just a snapshot of an array of necklaces

Upcycled easel with our store sign...which needs to be updated!

Awesome oval window frame, repurposed in to a LARGE earring display.  It sits on the corner of our booth, and draws people in...mission accomplished!

A few of the antique silverware hooks made by my sweet husband.

All, in all, it was a success!  Granted, there were obstacles to overcome, but despite the all day drizzle, sales were better than I expected, I made a few new contacts, and we all came home exhausted, but happy!  

See you next year Farmville!!!

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